Windows 10 Photo Viewer Is Garbage

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  • GodShiva reply I didn't know that, but I'm reasonably satisfied with this installation of Windows Live Essentials... even though I had to get it from a shady 3rd party site. I found an old post with the SHA256... so I thought, if it's a trojan, it's at least a very old trojan. LOL
  • [ – ] Kizzume reply The MacOS photo viewer I think does similar things to what you're saying. Maybe they're trying to copy Apple?
    • Kizzume parent reply But at least THAT photo viewer lets you scroll left and right quickly through the pictures.....
  • Kizzume reply There is a hack that you can do that you can force use the original Windows Photo Viewer. It's a registry hack. And then for each picture type (jpg, gif, bmp, etc..) you have to set to always open with Windows Photo Viewer. It's a pain in the ass to set up, but it can be done.
  • Kizzume reply It bothers a lot of people, actually. And if the picture isn't to exact sizes, it will use a shrinking/stretching algorithm that's blurry. So a picture that's 6000x4000 pixels looks like a blurry mess. And then to top if off, they still haven't fixed the problem where if you use the left and right cursor keys to go through the pictures, some of the pictures won't show at all and you then have to take the mouse and click the left and right arrows on the screen. The Photos app is garbage, and they've only made slight improvements on it in the Insider Preview builds of Windows (which I use). You WILL see a few improvements when the next major Windows Update comes around, but it's not going to be THAT much of an improvement.
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