VLOG 28 Ievan polkka acapella, dogpics

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  • [ – ] katburns reply Nice work! Sounded really interesting.
    • [ – ] JannaJonna parent reply Thanks :) I was pretty sure I was going to regret uploading this. Today (the day after) I listened this again at it is ok. Not good but Ok considering I spent merely half an hour on it 😂
  • [ – ] JustABloke reply What you talking about, that was great, and that picture of all 3 dogs looking the same way, priceless.
    • JannaJonna parent reply That pic took over 10 minutes to take :D Karu is so impatient and his father Hunni got also impatient because baby boy couldn't stay still! There was also Viima (Karu's sister) in group pic and that was when things got hard. Hunni and Ninja sat easily still but puppies where just awful..
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