...Into The Fire - Fallout 3 - Part 11

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  • [ – ] Platypus67 reply Great episode! Couldn't you make them a bit longer? I would greatly appreciate it... So see ya in a month i guess; take care!
    • [ – ] TimBabblehump parent reply Thanks :) Do you just watch Dark Souls and Fallout? I'll try to keep the videos of those two longer for you :D I'll possibly be still playing Dark Souls in October as it still scares me ;)
      • [ – ] Platypus67 parent reply This would be fabulous! Yup, these two are my faves; i check out other stuff randomly which i don't bother the length of. Anyways thank you very much!!
        • [ – ] TimBabblehump parent reply It's no problem :D I'm really enjoying playing them both and if I wasn't recording I could easily play for hours so making the episodes longer will be easy XD I'm always willing to do anything in videos that anyone asks :p
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