Being Mixed Race: Part Two, A family without a people

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  • Nazi-Ryu reply I'll probably just use ancestry
  • SkogComplex reply I wouldn't hang around non-Whites even if I was one of them. I'd honestly rather be a White man around either blacks or Mexicans, or Filipinos for that matter , than be one of them and be around them. I'm not sure why, but their group-think shit and in-group prohibitions are insane. Whites police each other in a different way though. Blacks and mexicans are always trying to make sure that their other folks are being black or mexican enough. With Whites, if you're around normie liberals , they are always virtue signalling and talking about who is not pc enough,or ignoring it altogether (direct opposite of blacks and mexicans). Leftists, well that's another species and i don't look at them with anything but contempt so we really don't interact. But if you're around most Whites, they either don't care , or tend to be low-key pro-White, in a matter of fact, non-militant kind of way.
  • [ – ] SkogComplex reply Have you taken a genetic history test?
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