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  • [ – ] Aaronshy reply By the way do you know the actual Wendigo legend?
    • [ – ] Kentantino parent reply Yes it is a Algonquian legend a tribe of indias from america dont know how the exact story goes, but if i can remember it has to poses you in order for him to do so one of the things is eating human flesh. The otherdont even remember it.
      • [ – ] Aaronshy parent reply Basically this game was way flawed. There is multitudes of ideas from a possessive spirit to a wind elemental that wraps around and burns the feet of victims before killing them. All are deep rooted believes but the possessive spirit is correspondent to real life Wendigoism where one who resorts to cannibalism to survive craves more human flesh.
          • [ – ] Aaronshy parent reply I know way too many facts making it easy to see flaws in games. LOL.
            • [ – ] Kentantino parent reply Oh hell yeah they didnt even do the correct research they just drom a game lol
              • [ – ] Aaronshy parent reply They took a random zombie model and said "Hey! This is close enough!" Except those possessed by the spirit look frostbitten not zombified the monster version is a giant furry creature similar to sasquatch and it sure as heck ain't the wind elemental......they got nothing right!
                • [ – ] Kentantino parent reply Yeah by the end of the video im already annoyed by the game lol
                  • Aaronshy parent reply LOL I noticed. Not even a good attempt. It legit looks like the thing that throws fireballs in Doom 3 and heck probably is the thing that throws fireballs in Doom 3! Give me more Slender The Arrival over this any day! LOL.
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