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  • Rage_By_Nightfall reply Education has really gone down. Especially in the US. Even though the grades have gone up, last I checked...I believe we are still 49th in the world in education and literature. I haven't checked in a while though. It really does suck. People don't care as much about our students, the youth of the future.
  • powerofanime1 reply Marksism. XD
  • Born_To_Climb reply Interesting
  • XhoXhuXhamen reply Social liberals are a fucking cancer running rampant in the western world!
  • American_Girl reply I had a professor in college who advocated for non-graded education. Thankfully, a good bit of the class thought that was insane.
  • GamingRoom reply If you love your children take them out of school
  • vanners reply This explains so much. My son was very quick - speaking at 9 months, phrases by 12 months, and a strong working vocabulary (e.g. He could explain what "impossible" meant) by 18 months. In grade 3 he was recommended for the gifted education track. Then in grade 5 it seemed the wheels fell off. Suddenly he was struggling. His grades in English were poor, math progress degraded under his female year 11 teacher, and he barely made it into university. Oddly, during this time he was able to write a 300+ A4 page novel. The disparity between his ability and his grades raised a lot of red flags, but despite intervention of my wife and I the status quo was maintained, even when we took solid evidence of bias to the principle. His motivation waned through all of this to the point where we had to nag him to do his homework, or even to hand in assignments that he had completed. After serving a mission for our church he came back motivated, and his grades are improving - but I still see him st...moreruggle with the cognitive dissonance of wanting to be at a university where he is not welcome - especially when he knows the only difference between his degree and learning online is the paper at the end of it. Are we as a society trying to commit collective suicide? It certainly feels like that sometimes.
  • Born_To_Climb reply Nice,interestinf
  • [ – ] XhoXhuXhamen reply Western educational systems desperately need to be taken over and run by the military establishment!
  • XhoXhuXhamen reply This bullshit is just a way to permanently addict the western world to brining in all of its educated people from places like India, China, Vietnam, etc. And, at the same time, this will guarantee that there will never be any increase in the intelligence or education levels in the indigenous population.
  • American_Girl reply That's so true regardless both boys and girls working harder when they have a male teacher. In my experience, I've always been graded more easily by women, and as a result I learned less.
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