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The Realest by The Alchemist (The Kid Remix)(Lyrics in Description)

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September 9 2017

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Lyrics: Victory is ruthless, y’all meant to be killed, It’s Miz and me in the booth, bitch, the chemistrys real x3 I’m slightly rare like Ray Charles musically They might compare how Aesop and Kool G speak, Great Gods are schoolin, chaos ensued with glee Raid, take opportunities, melees causin eulogies ‘fraid Adolf let loose of me, two fifty Million fucks vacate all the booths and leave Raps still in dust since Nate Doggs been snoozing, b And Mad Villianous and Asons been duped by these Little lads sipping syrup, The gritty crafts disappearing, Spit for Acuras all geared up Pompous diplomatic in fear of Competition I launch emit anthrax with some fierceness Job descriptions demolish rhythm, smack em up, spear em Their pad scrib’s inferior, maggot so here is a Pastor of lyrical, who’s adamant clearly to Act so mysterious, and smash all em cheery fucks Savage men fury runs, like those lads and runts that’s straddling Syria I trip insane, illuminate some Norman Bates shit, Consider fate, ya doomed today with morbid slayings, bitch See Miz and Shane like Snoop and Dre with orchestrations The wicked ways are juiced with swag, enforce the mayhem Ya sit and beg, its true the way I scorch is A1 The studios my torture chamber Dude accrue C-notes, these groupies roll to hoard and save up The way I perform and lay cuts They implored to lace up A noose and rope, or move real slow to Northern Can-a-da On loopy tones, these douches go short since panic truck Pose, warp this jam deluxe I’m a cross between the Hitchock A Nas CD, the script docs: Suspicion, or Psycho and the Birds The sickest form of life thrown onto Earth Its berzerl, the si-nister lurks Let the shift emerge, can’t resist the purge Cantankerous, you’ll learn muh’fucka Ya C-Town rappers better get your shit together Else my rhetoric will disconnect ya, fuck y’all! Music projects/Personal sites below! Patreon: My band Along Came A Spider: Personal: PSN (PS4/PS3): JamieACAS Hip Hop project: Instagram: Twitch: Snapchat: jamiemillz Vidme:

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