An Introduction to Bullfighting and A Small Defence of it

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  • horrorchan reply Interesting video. We didn't go into bull fighting much in Spanish class.
  • [ – ] Judge_Dredd reply A vegetarian diet is not healthier, it is abysmal. Vegetarian's focus on all of the good aspects of eating greens while being severely deficient on all nutrients that we get from meat such as Vitamin B(12), protein(you need this to build your body), Zinc(important for cells,immune system, growth,manjuice, ect.) Vitamin A(which you need for your vision), omega 3 fatty acids(which you need for your metabolism) and Cholesterol(which is used to build Testosterone). to sum it up if you want to be a man and to make GAINS you need to eat meat. Look at the sex demographic for Vegetarians about 59% women and vegans at 79% women. Vegetarianism is a shitty fad diet that is completely retarded and if you choose to be a vegetarian you will reap the benefits of Vitamin deficiency, decreased brain volume, fatigue, and confusion. I didn't know that bullfighting went beyond waving a flag around and teasing a wild raging animal but knowing now that they have it run around so they can lunge their spears...more into the things neck makes it pretty hard to justify it as anything but cruel to the animal and calling it "art" is a shitty cop out. Art is something we don't see very often anymore, art is about Beauty and Order. It's about trying to create a idea or image with in a mere picture but in western civilization the presentation of that idea is just as if not more important then the idea itself. You can vaguely romanticize bullfighting by saying that the skillfulness of the bullfighter but the concept of bullfighting is not in art in by itself. I'm quite apathetic to this whole thing but I was TRIGGERED when you said that vegetarianism is healthy and that "bullfighting is okay because it is an art" I'm not sure just how close this "sport" is from being banned in your country but you are going to have a hard time getting English people to sympathize with you on it.
    • Yururin parent reply Well I said it ''''can''''' be healthier, as with an omnivore diet I am sure a vegetarian diet can be horrible. But I honestly don't know, I am going to trust wikipedia on this one. The fact remains that you could live off a vegetarian diet. Anyways thanks for watching, dude. Cute 2hou avatar.
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