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  • [ – ] Rawman reply Hahahahahaha the vidme hot tab part was the best. "That's not gay, that's masturbation" hahahahahaha!!!! Personally I'm sick of the lies too. Their picks go to the top of trending is nonsense! They should be seperate. Boobs in thumbnail for me is an instant not gunna watch from me but like you said if that is you. Do that and enjoy it. But we know why people do it and that's all they have to them... Great video i loved this. I needed to see this actually. Sick of people being scared to speak their mind.
    • [ – ] MeloDotty parent reply I am sick of people being afraid to speak their mind too. Fortunately here on vid.me it's a lot safer to do so. This video would've been taken down on youtube for "deceptive content" basically suggesting I was lying. XD
      • Rawman parent reply I agree it's a lot safer to express who you truly are here but I feel that people are so quick to list everything as drama you can't even express that you feel the hot tab makes no sense without people jumping down your throat and you are right. That tab is garbage. I think this video was perfect you labeled it "unpopular opinion" you said "I'm gunna say unpopular opinions" then you gave an example of "popular opinion" and proceeded to give what the title said. No deceptive content here it was extremely entertaining too. Great stuff. Unfortunately all of my recent videos accidentally was what you described and it was something i noticed my self too haha.
  • [ – ] xEverydayJohnx reply thank you so much i will do it and it was nothing i truly believe you deserve it
  • [ – ] The_Game_Catcher reply Finally, I'm logged in and can actually comment! XD I accept your challenge, Dotty!! And also the whole breast bit was freaking fantastic. Never stop being you, my lady!
  • [ – ] Directionally_Challenged reply I just want the filter @vidme I just want to be able to filer the hot tab, cause it's FILLED with crap I don't want >.>
  • [ – ] Androo_NR_Gaming reply I'm upset I just got to this! I enjoyed seeing/listening to your unpopular opinions you fabulous being! ^_^
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