Sandra Solomon reads open letter at the Toronto Masjid open-house

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  • Canadalife reply We have alots of Christians who left Christianity but didn't behave in rude way in church And by the way the punishment of leaving Islam is only for who leave Islam and harm Muslim to death not only leaving Islam exactly if I worked for example with Canada enemy and harm Canada surely I will be excuted
  • SheBeast55 reply Takes amazing courage to do this! For we know the punishment for leaving Islam is death, as the imams are calling for hers. Praying for her! Praying for Canada! Time to wake up!
  • Drknockout reply Your word is getting out. Slowly but surely.
  • Rita_MissOginy reply What a brave woman ! The guy who seemed so nice (Taqjjia?) didn't actually hear that the very imams of HIS Mosque are threatening to kill this woman ??? Sending her off to the "Saudi Arabian Embassies" or such is a slap in her face. !!!
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