It's Wednesday My Dudes - Outlast 2

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  • [ – ] Flying_Purple_Pizzas reply Whoa! Very creepy. And you have to have creepy dolls lying about. Absolutely essential to set the mood. A gun would have been useful. Bit of a setback at the end, though. Thanks for sharing!
    • [ – ] NevanTheScholarOfObscurity parent reply Hahah thx mate, yeah the end was harsh and something one wouldn't imagine happening at all. Nothing beats some good ol' horror! ;) *Also i really like your content mate, you should definitely upload some more videos, it's always a pleasure listening to talented musicians like yourself!
      • Flying_Purple_Pizzas parent reply Thanks! Like I've mentioned elsewhere, flattery will get you everywhere. Sometimes a song just comes together quickly and sometimes I have to wrestle it out of the place within me it's hiding. Both my music and videos are totally novice but it's enjoyable nevertheless. You should totally jump in with the music if you can, even if you feel like it's not Top 40. Fun is fun.
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