✨ASMR✨ - LIGHT SHOW ~ Twinkling Rainbow Lights w/ Soft Rain & Binaural Beats ~

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  • [ – ] AnthroBoyPrime reply "Dear Space deer lady, thank you for coming to our little planet and sharing your gifts of magicewl lights and spoopy sounds with us. Your hands were very hypnotic and me so sweepy, and the sounds made the jebbybweans in my ears go pop. I hope that you will visit us again soon💛..oh what's that?..no it's not traditional for hoomans to swallow their wallets, but I had mine taken twice before and my dad is super annoyed. She said if it happens again she'll stop giving me pocket money and spend it on plushies instead..but we don't have the space for more😭😭😭.. byewwo 👋😂". Really great video 👏, I've watched it a couple of times and I love how I can turn the sound off and just watch the lights, or close my eyes and listen to the sounds. Thank you👍😊.
    • SeafoamKitten parent reply Haha thank you!! Yeah this is the kind of video where you can mute and put your favorite asmr sound over it if you wanted :3 Glad you enjoyed!
  • [ – ] StormyStories reply This is pretty amazing!^_^ the soft lights and rain are really relaxing! And in the dark when you tilt your ears after a while of not, it makes it feel like the whole world is tipping. Great job!♡
  • [ – ] Arod511 reply ooh! Pretty colors! 😲
  • [ – ] graymasonjar reply Aren't those the same gloves you used in the bitchy alien abduction? xD I really like the ambient, sci-fi-ish machinery sound. Reminds me of when I would sleep in the car on a road-trip as a kid. So nostalgic
  • shep252 reply Absolute darkness Pierced by glowing hands, ears Revealing her smile
  • Bobby_Boshay reply Manchurian candidate 14447 reporting in, Instructions understood, operation beagle snuff is a go.
  • SmoothRiverrock reply Nicely mesmerizing movements combined with a good sound. enjoyed this - very nice. 💗
  • Chiefahleaf reply Yeh! A small rave and a sleep session at the same time.
  • bordinCrazy reply Did you get like a camera that films at 60 fps or something? Video quality be smooth asf
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