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  • DEATH_ILLUMINATE reply Mors Antiqua was a German Auxiliary Horseman in service to the Roman Army in 9 A.D. and died during the Battle of Teutoburg Forest. When three Roman Legions marched out to suppress rebellion that Germanic leader Arminius alerted Roman General Publius Quinctilius Varus to they went to engage a German rebellion that did not exist. It was a trap. The three Legions (XVII, XVIII, and XIX), six independent cohorts, and three squadrons of cavalry were led into the deep forests and it was then that the Germans marching in back turned around and marched away from the Romans. Mors Antiqua went with them but was still loyal to Rome. Mors later slipped away from the Germans on his horse and rode to the Roman lines to warn them of impending doom. Mors was ready to fight and die with the Romans. For this act of bravery and loyalty he was given a Roman Calvary Mask for his helmet and joined the Roman Ranks. Soon the relentless attacks began as the columns tried to get out of the forests so they could...more fight like Romans were trained to but they never made it out. At a place called Kalkriese Mors Antiqua and the surviving Romans met their fate. Mors was fighting with his Roman unit, totally surrounded near a Wall hastily constructed by the Germans when the wall collapsed upon friend and Enemy alike. Soon the rest of the Romans would be dead or captured later to be burned alive in wicker cages to Germanic Gods. There lay in the moor the remains of Mors Antiqua for some 2000 years before the site was found. Today the mask, possessed by the soul of Mors Antiqua fights on with Death Illuminate and the Human Bass player who bought the mask from a German Flea Market. Mors has totally taken over this human's form for his own purposes of Revenge on civilization. The Battle Cry of Mors Antiqua, "Mein Bass ist eine Waffe"..... for he no longer yields a Sword.
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