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  • [ – ] Slimer reply Thanks for uploading these! We will need this evidence once the criminals are exposed.
    • [ – ] DeepSpaceTv parent reply you know even your big idol believes, we whent to the moon, Ask Alex Jones
      • [ – ] Slimer parent reply For reference: Why can't we leave Low Earth Orbit in 2017 but did so 6 times in 1969-1970?
        • [ – ] DeepSpaceTv parent reply there are a lot of missions currently beyond low orbit, The Juno Mission For Example to Jupiter, Or New Horizons to Pluto
        • [ – ] DeepSpaceTv parent reply but who told you, we cant leave low orbit?
          • [ – ] Slimer parent reply This is NASA and SpaceX's claim is it not? Here even CNN admits "No humans have traveled past low Earth orbit since the final Apollo mission in 1972."
            • DeepSpaceTv parent reply Because the space shuttle was build for low earth orbit, mainly to get satellites in space, getting humans to the moon and beyond is pretty expensive, and the falcon heavy is not tested yet, but is in development for years now
            • Slimer parent reply They continue to state "SpaceX is putting forward an aggressive timeline for the mission, which will rely on a rocket and spacecraft that have not flown yet. "
  • [ – ] Slimer reply Wow. Fakest images EVER!!!! Do you believe this video shows real rockets in space?
    • [ – ] DeepSpaceTv parent reply lol slimer, i had this debate a zillion times, people believe what they want to believe :)
      • Slimer parent reply So this looks real to you? Ever think you may be blindly believeing a giant con? I hope you are right but please this is NOT scientific evidence it is TV entertainment.
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