Quantum Flux (Original story by Marzie Nicolas Malfoy)

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  • [ – ] MaitreMarkScully reply In my travels on the world fencing circuit I saw many strange and shocking things, one night as I got out of a taxi into a Venezuelan festival someone started shooting into the crowd, the guy next to me was shot in the head, my friend froze in the middle of the street and I had to drag him to safety, another guy, shot in the leg, would not let me help him to cover, he fought me off twice. It made no sense, the dead and wounded were cleared away and the festival went on..... I never found out who or why but it still haunts my dreams some nights. Good vid!
    • [ – ] MarzieMalfoy parent reply I was leaving the building across the street that I was working, bringing the last package to the warehouse for the day. A truck that didn't get checked at the gate had stopped in front of me.. and so did the security forces cars. Men came out of the back of the truck and firing ensued. I wasn't armed so all I could do was get out of the way. I felt helpless as frags and bullets went by. Then afterward I was approached by a sergeant that knew I had body bags in my warehouse and ordered them on the spot. 11 of them. I came back and my best friend (a firefighter) was there to help with the cleanup. We both just stared at the site. Frozen.
      • [ – ] MaitreMarkScully parent reply When it is unexpected I think it is worse.
        • [ – ] MaitreMarkScully parent reply There is a funny part tho - The Ukrainian team saw it all from their cover behind a car, they told the Estonians how I ran in and out of gunfire to help ppl so they pooled their $ to get me a gift. A knock on my hotel room door reviled 2 obvious hookers... the Ukrainians and Estonians said 'we have paid for all night, but you may have them first!' LOL I said no, my wife would not approve and in the morning they said 'you missed out buddy, they did not even make us wear condoms!' I survived Venezuela with no physical scars, I wonder if those crazy guys from Ukraine and Estonia did.......
          • [ – ] MarzieMalfoy parent reply You may have dodged bullets a second time too :)
            • [ – ] MaitreMarkScully parent reply Those guys were crazy, lived thro the USSR and it's fall, they lived like there may be no tomorrow because they had seen so many people lose all their tomorrows at once.
              • [ – ] MarzieMalfoy parent reply I hear that. That's why I'm continuing to live my life by doing the things I enjoy. Playing my games and getting back into acting.
                • [ – ] RichardWendling parent reply Worst I ever had was farmers with salt loads(hurts like hell) I only caught some in the shoulder from a ricochet off a tree...We should not have been messing around in dudes field. or a crazy gas station owner waving a gun at my friends and I when we were acting crazy for fun. I have been lucky.
                  • [ – ] MarzieMalfoy parent reply Oh! Those rock salt shots do hurt like hell!! I hope you're doing good now.
                    • [ – ] RichardWendling parent reply considering I was around 12 and now I am 45, nah. I am disabled. But not from that farmer. He wishes! We carved out large sections of his corn field to bring the girls to at night and scare them. We sure all got scared when he came out with a real gun. Same guy I would sell dead crows to. Luckily not real buck shot or slug... he'd have put me down good.( I wouldn't kill crows now, Such smart birds, I got $5 a crow in 1983, I was a little shit!)!
                      • MarzieMalfoy parent reply I like to think we were all little shits back in the day lol I agree though, crows are very intelligent creatures. Love them to death.. I fear them when they seen on a murder, but that gives me my respect for them.
                  • RichardWendling parent reply RE:guns that is...
    • [ – ] MarzieMalfoy parent reply Thank you for sharing. That is a very hard thing to go through. I'm sorry you had to go through that.
  • [ – ] Aaronshy reply By the way glad you been liking my vids. Yours seem really good to me but that maybe cause mine I make lots of mistakes.
    • [ – ] MarzieMalfoy parent reply Thank you! I still make a lot of them too and I used to make a whole lot lot lot of them. You just learn as you go along. If you need any advice, I'd be glad to give it... if I don't know the answer, though, I'll try to help you find it. Us content creators need to stick together :)
      • Aaronshy parent reply Nah it's just minor stuff like my grandma or mom causing me to break character or like the game kept crashing when I tried to film creating characters with WWE 2K17......others have mentioned crashes too so it's something the creators need to fix. Other than that it's fine.
  • [ – ] HeroicVillain reply Points for Poe reference.
  • [ – ] Torok0420 reply You Are A Good Writer , The Background Music Works Perfect
  • [ – ] theoldsparrow reply Powerful stuff. My main charity is MAPS and they focus on PTSD. I apologize if I'm being unintentionally callous but have you looked into MDMA assisted psychotherapy? The results are supposed to be highly effective.
    • [ – ] MarzieMalfoy parent reply Thank you so much!!! You're not being callous. I don't know what MDMA is but I'm going to look it up now :)
      • [ – ] theoldsparrow parent reply It's a drug popular in the rave crowds so that's what you'll probably find more info about it being a street drug instead of used in psychotherapy. I recommend this link: http://www.maps.org/research/mdma
        • [ – ] MarzieMalfoy parent reply OH I doubt the VA will ever let anyone do that under their care but it does seem like something to look into with MAPS. Thank you for that! And thank you for contributing to a charity like that.
          • [ – ] theoldsparrow parent reply I have a brother that is a vet and also I grew up a navy brat. I was talked out of joining up myself so the least I can do is support the people that did. Maybe after it goes through the stage 3 clinical trials it can prove effective enough for the VA to look into it. The results are highly effective so far.
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