Freedom Loving Conservatives Like ME Support Gay Marriage

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  • [ – ] MEliria reply Yey, people should be allowed to do whatever they want,l so happy countries around the world have priest that weds everyone regardless of they're sexual preference <3 Respect each other for what they do and don't hate on each others believes. Also @Soldier_Of_The_Cross Luke 6:31: And as you wish that others would do to you, do so to them.
    • [ – ] Soldier_Of_The_Cross parent reply ThAt verse has nothing to do with being gay.
      • MEliria parent reply not my point. Just saying respect eachother, Never said it has something to do with gay. I respect people who are religious as long as they respect me for not believing. Same as I respect your believes on the matter. Thats why I added the verse
  • Soldier_Of_The_Cross reply I will say I do not look down on gay marriage but I pray that it goes away and by prophecy it will. No one is born gay btw. God did not create a person who is born gay. Gay is a choice. From the beginning God made man and woman to being sustainment of the human race. God did not put people of the same sex together to have families. I am being realistic. My God and his son did not endorse being gay.
  • [ – ] Kekerinos reply thanks for following and introducing me to your content :D
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  • derpytoons reply Why did you follow me
  • [ – ] Flying_Purple_Pizzas reply Yeah, that's the problem with allying yourself with any group. The group carries certain beliefs and the pressure will be on each member to get in line with that. There's benefits to belonging to a group: strength in numbers, extra support when needed, people to share with, etc. But there are also drawbacks: Losing your own autonomy, sacrificing your own beliefs, etc. Gay marriage is supported by one group but not another. What's the underlying issue: freedom to love who we want and show it in the way we want. Does our Creator care about the details or does he/she simply want us to focus on the love part? I think love is the valuable part, not all the rules that society makes to govern how it can be expressed. But that's me. Once again, great job putting these topics out there Charlton!
  • [ – ] fancyfig reply to be clear, gays have always had the right to get "married" so long as a priest is willing to do the ceremony. that wasn't 'not legal' like its some kind of crime, it was 'not legally recognized for tax incentives and adoption privileges'. you might say that's really mean and discriminatory, but the very existence of marriage as a legal category is in place to discriminate. it's the government saying 'we value couples of people more than singular people'. so why not, if it's already a kind of virtue test by its nature, have the local or state community decide what those virtues should be. the way it works now with this and with abortion is actually more concerning for the separation of church and state because now it's the federal government not just endorsing a morality, but actually imposing it onto the state and local governments.
    • Charlton parent reply I thought more about what you've said here, and I still can't say I've decided but I do appreciate you sharing your ideas which are smart and thoughtful. I think you've posted on other videos in a similar good way. I guess the 'why not have the local or state decide...' gives me pause. That has to be the case sometimes for goodness sake, I'm not being a purist, but who get's to decide, majority rule can be wrong and right. Let me stop because I'm not trying to debate or prove I'm right. Mostly I wanted you to know I appreciate you sharing some good ideas. thanks, charlton
    • Charlton parent reply A valid point and well said. Not sure I completely agree, fairly complicated, but nonetheless... Thank you seriously. Charlton
  • thoughtcrimes reply "You can't tell people to live their life the way they want to." It depends who's telling you, no? You can't decide right or wrong, only God does. After all, if man decides right and wrong, then where do you draw the line? Marrying your dog? Pedophilia? To man, there is no line, that's why we needs God's law. So you call it liberty but sin is actually a form of bondage. Sodomy is no mild sin, it's abominable. 19 While they promise them liberty, they themselves are the servants of corruption: for of whom a man is overcome, of the same is he brought in bondage. 2 Peter 2:19(KJV)
  • [ – ] MackenzieLambert reply To the contrary, a video like this makes me glad to follow your channel.
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