Nickelodeon, Disney And Cartoon Network Shows ARE GETTING BANNED!

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  • [ – ] sarah reply ayyyy nice hat, where'd you get it? ;-) but yea, it's ridiculous to completely ban an entire show because of some of its "questionable" content. without new ideas/concepts, nothing will ever change!
  • [ – ] Fighting_Zenith reply This is the one reason why I am opposed to censorship. Speaking of which, here's a quote by Go Nagai: "Having said this, the war experience surely affected my whole childhood and the formation of my personality. Even if I have not experienced any bombing or fighting, all the adults around me kept telling me horrible stories about the war, so I grew up with [the awareness] that my works should deliver a message of peace. I was particularly saddened when I found out that in many countries I was considered to be an author who loves to depict battles and destruction just for the fun of it. [] The reason why I depict the effects of war in my comics is because I strongly believe that a person should learn from childhood how war can be destructive and how much people and societies may suffer from it, just the same way I learned it from the stories of adults around me when I was a little child. If we raise a child telling him only the nice and happy things of life, he will be unable to cope w...moreith all the hardships he will inevitably meet in his adulthood; if he doesn’t know the devastating effects of violence and repression, he could […] cause incredible damage and suffering to the people around him. I guess this is one of the reasons why Japanese people, who have been raised for the last 60 years reading comics that some people abroad have labeled as hyper-violent, chose not to be involved in war after 1945 and have stated in their very constitution that they renounce war, as opposed to a country like the US, which has strong censorship against violence in animation and programs for children, but has been at war for most of its recent history." I suggest that you read Devilman.
  • aleonardoartz reply Honestly I sort of support this ban. Due to my religious beliefs, I don't watch shows that "promote unholy things". Nice video tho.
  • KotaTail reply Banning a TV show over trying something unique for it is just not cool. Especially when cartoons are actually putting in same sex romances (for example Loud House), or content that families would not expect, but it doesn't break the family over it.
  • [ – ] ScaryStoriesNYC reply Dude, Africa is a different continent and is largely Muslim. Islamic cultures KILL gays. Focus on LGBT rights HERE in OUR culture because that's a big enough issue.
    • Kikazaru parent reply Not really, it's not a big issue in the west, but everyone likes to make it seem like it is, so yeah.
  • Trugglez reply Good video! Keep up the great work!
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