Impact Threat From Apophis CAN NOT Be Ruled Out!!

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  • marycozzens reply like; Earth into the corner pocket.......... all cued up!
  • [ – ] jerzeydolphins reply J, Its 410 est as i type this, not 30 minutes ago in high southeastern skys 3 of us seen a Planet , we checked our starchart map apps and nothing was there, it was the size of our moon J, we tried taking pictures with our cell phones but we could only see the cresent cause of the sun hitting it , revealing it , This was real and was in regulaus moon area but it was the size of our moon judgeing by its cresecent, i will download the pics i took with iphone but i cant say anything showed up ,
    • [ – ] j7409skynews parent reply jerzey this is UNREAL I SAW SOMETHING ALSO in the same place big as a planet!!!!!!!! I had some clouds that kept messing me up. Yes I KNOW its real....... Please send me your pics and i will keep trying but i got clouds in and out in that area. Man!!! Something is up there things are going to get real for all these people sooner than they think i am afraid...... Thanks for letting me know this. Here is my addy if you lost it to send pics
      • j7409skynews parent reply Hey jersey what i saw wasn't our moon. Its a freakin sliver right now and i can't see it with my eyes. But yes it was in that area. what i saw was bright like the sun in away, but then came a cloud and now the planes are ripping up the sky.I want to check and hour or so before sunset. Catch you tomm...J
      • [ – ] jerzeydolphins parent reply J, I KNEW YOU WERE WATCHING IT I JUST KNEW IT ! i just went through phone and the 1 photo i looked at SHOWS IT ! your gonna have to magnaffy the image but the crescent is clear as day
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