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  • [ – ] TaraBabcock reply YES! I lpve these suggestions! I plan on bringing back gaming lists and higher production gaming content once I move! :)
  • [ – ] I3UTM reply Top ten: Anime characters that have video games based on them. Top ten: Female characters that are not human but retain the hotness. (A.I.; Cyborgs, Androids, etc...) Top ten: Unusually sexy gaming characters that look better in real life (Cos-play!) Top fictional characters (male, female, non-binary?) that are hot due to their (___) size? ^_^
  • YourfruitSalad reply Loved this!!!!
  • JustABloke reply It's lucky I don't play games, I'd be number 21 😎
  • [ – ] Sinistar_Aries reply Oh damn it. I love a LOT of those on that list and thought about making my own lists. There are too many sexy men in gaming. Don't give a damn what folks wanna say about gaming being sexist and this and that... gimmie more sexy men and I'm happy. Also more dildos and the like in shape of or inspired by certain...ahem... sexy men. Yes. :D
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