The Beastmaster Review

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  • StCerberusEngel reply Indeed. The days before PG-13 really were something else.
  • GaryTurbo reply (17:07) John Amos?
  • [ – ] slyofwar reply A movie were the protagonist falls in love with a relative a ferret is destined to kill the evil priest and said can't even claim no animals were harmed by this movie ....Well this is certainly an interesting movie to start with
    • [ – ] StCerberusEngel parent reply I'm not sure what the first movie I have any recollection of watching is, but I do know I saw some things as a kid that were definitely not meant for me. Mostly raunchy comedies, but all the same. Still, even kids' movies in the 80s weren't afraid to scare the crap out of us, so...
      • [ – ] slyofwar parent reply True my memory is a little scarce on the first movie I watched was but I mostly remember Disney, Star Wars, Super hero flicks, Godzilla, Gremlins, Alien/Predator and a whole lot of action/martial arts movies The only movie I can remember with an age would be Alien when I was 5 and convinced my parents I could definitely handle an R rated movie and after that i quickly became a fan of the rest of the series and a bunch of other old R rated classics like Predator and Terminator
        • [ – ] StCerberusEngel parent reply Never saw an R movie that young. I know I saw Batman (1989) when I was around 5. Jack Nicholson gave me nightmares. The Neverending Story embedded a number of childhood traumas. I think the most blatant movie when it comes to gore and such that I saw at a young age was Beetlejuice. Fucking snake, man. Funny thing is, today I can watch the most terrifying movies and it's rare that they manage to even make me uncomfortable, let alone scare me.
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