Can The US Beat Russia's Missile Countermeasures? (Poking the Bear!)

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  • [ – ] mytekp reply What a pice of shit. Like NATO doesn't do the same, but somehow for NATO it's ok to cooperate while trying to undermine Russian systems.
    • [ – ] americanpatriot parent reply Why the hostility? This is a weapons capability and analysis conference not a political debate!
      • [ – ] mytekp parent reply Yet, I didn't hear this respectable gentlemen assumes the cooperation is impossible because NATO constantly updating it's arsenal against Russian systems, despite the fact he did mention that for Russian military complex NATO's systems are the benchmark. So, who is NATO's concern, and why NATO is not considered part of the problem? I wouldn't have problems with it what so ever, if he was only presenting the data. But he didn't. He made very clear conclusions as to whom to blame and who is the good guy.
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