Self-driving Carnage: Cyber-Terrorism & Autonomous Vehicles

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  • [ – ] Dooooooooooooooom reply I'd feel more comfortable if things were just stricter with human drivers, making it easier for them to lose their license / vehicle if they are bad drivers. Folks that insist on texting when they should be watching the road, others driving under the influence, et cetera have no business driving.
    • FunkyMunky parent reply I agree completely. Driving a car is treated as a right instead of a qualification or skill that needs to be earned
    • top10archives parent reply It seems no matter the restrictions that are imposed on drivers, the punishments that they face, and the fines that are dished out, it only gets worse. Not sure there is a feasible means of making the roads entirely safe, because there will always be someone there to mess it up.
  • ScammerRevolts reply Most modern cars that aren't self driving can still be hacked and it's thought this has been the preferred way of secret planned deaths.
  • [ – ] HorrorsFreaksAndCreeps reply This is already a reality according to Wikileaks. CIA reportedly took control of Michael Hasting's vehicle to kill him.
  • [ – ] CorpseDragon reply No matter how much security these cars will have, there will always be someone 2 steps ahead of the game. Guess we will have to wait and see.
    • Xexor parent reply Great. So I'm always slightly paranoid about other drivers now, and in a few years I'll be paranoid about my own car instead. On the plus side, I get to continue to be a little paranoid. o_O
  • [ – ] lionheart361 reply You know an easy solution for this would be for people to stop relying on cars in general...if less people drove means less spaces is needed for Parking lots/parking garages meaning housing and commerical buildings can be placed closer together. This in return means you don't need to drive a hour to get to work. And hackers cant get access to your legs after all. Just a thought.
  • [ – ] SylvesterSan reply So we'd need a lot of hackers employed by the self driving car manufacturers that try to hack into the system and alert the company every time they find a leak in the security.
  • MadJim reply Self driving cars are still needing very frequent human intervention while traveling under their own guidance. The manufacturers are not so keen to have this widely publicized. The implementation of self driving cars is just another aspect of the subjugation of the human population by the globalist elites.
  • c_arnold03 reply C.I.A.'s doing that already.
  • omgomgomgd reply Cars should be hacked day 0. The earlier there are hacking incidents with these cars, the sooner they will become decently safe.
  • The_Eldritch_Bee reply Speaking of hacking vehicles, I wonder how long the manufacturer will keep the OS patched. Once a vehicle is no longer compatible with the current OS the oem is running, hopefully we won't have to get very expensive upgraded parts or buy a new vehicle to stay secure. What happens when the OEM goes out of business?
  • stacklinstudio reply As a network architect, I can say this is scary, but it would be the next evolutionary step. I get that cars are nice to drive and all, but sometimes you just need to sit back, that's why I love the Tesla experience because of how it handles the AI. While the computer is mostly in control, you, at any moment, can regain control and do things yourself. I think that people need to, instead of being afraid, try to learn so they can help AVOID the issues and potential hacks in the future.
  • [ – ] blazedu reply exactly the same thought dave. I much rather have control of my car at all times and be surrounded by people in control of their own cars than risking one self driving car to cause an accident. Don't risk your liberty for convenience.
    • [ – ] FunkyMunky parent reply TBH I'd trust a vulnerable computer over most of the morons on the road these days. The roads are dangerous because of the people that are allowed on them
      • blazedu parent reply but then again, what's the difference between a reckless self driven car and a human driven one? I don't know, i think i'd take the risk with the humans.
  • Politics_N_Games reply If I were an unscrupulous oil corporation, I would pay the manufacturers to have the self-drive cars drive at uneconomical gears and speeds.
  • SamEarl13 reply I hope that even if self driving cars become the normal that people still have to take driving tests anyway just in case. There is already enough terrible drivers on the roads without the potential of having people that have no idea what they're doing. Plus the idea that someone could mess with your car while its going down a motorway is terrifying.
  • [ – ] yuiopads reply *Lays down on the ground* FEEEAUUUUUUTUUUUREE
  • Craftwithcookies reply They could just make an Emergency button that you can press that will disconnect your car to the internet... cars aren't part of the internet why can't anyone get that?
  • Jijipoid reply I think that it is a great idea.. but I do not think i would want to go for a COMPLETELY autonomous vehicle. I think if they go down this road there should be some kind of manual override where you can still take control of the vehicle and drive it yourself if indeed something were to go wrong such as getting hacked or some kind of file corruption happened... basically the manual override will render it just like any other car we have now... and it would be something that could not be disabled.. this i think would still make having an autonomous car great.. since having to manually take over shouldn't be a common thing for most people.. sure people would probably still have to take a lesson in driving but it would be safer imo..
  • [ – ] crissymoss reply Some of these cars are being designed without a steering wheel. I'm not okay with that. They need to have the ability for the driver to take over. But... There's already video of hackers taking over cars already on the road, so self driving or not, these things can happen.
  • LevelUpLeslie reply As someone who is visually impaired and can not drive right now I would love to have access to a self driving care. However I completely understand your concern. It's not at all far fetched for someone to electronically take control of your car to kidnap you and ask for ransom I would hope that no one would do that especially to someone who is visually impaired but nothing surprises me anymore. I just wish the people that can drive appreciate more. It's called a privilege for a reason.
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