"Seraph of the End" Review - Anime Friday

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  • [ – ] Reasanka reply this show was pretty bland for me but the one thing i did enjoy funnily enough was Shinoa XD i never really found her to be oversexualized., but her snarky and apathetic character made this show for me. i always enjoy a character who can show attitude like that without being irritating, like holo, hachiman, or the mc from girlish number (can't remember her name) etc :D sadly alot of times haughty characters just fail and become an annoyance i also noticed the director for this show also worked on tokyo magnitude which probably one of the most overlooked shows of the past 10 years, has my reccomendation/seal of approval :D look forward to the next review :D
    • SeaTactics parent reply I also enjoyed that about Shinoa, but I for the most part was entertained by most of it in the least. I call the Yuuichirou's whole character Eren Yaeger, but without the parts that make Eren Yaeger a good character. As for Tokyo Magnitude I didn't sever see that on the list, so I will give it a look since I basically was like, "This guy was a guy, nothing notable for this guy". Next review is... I don't know but whatever it is, I hope it's entertaining and good. Also I'm taking this upcoming week completely off. So nothing on either channel, and I probably won't be active either as I don't even want to open my computer. I'm going off the grid basically to chill out and do what I want and come back re-energized.
  • [ – ] BDS_in_the_Morning reply "You may find a video you never knew I did." Direct reference to the podcast, I know what you're doing Ben. - <3 Stephen
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