Narrow Hall | The Last Guardian, Part 7

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  • [ – ] Faux_Fox reply I have been looking forward to this all day! <3<3<3
  • [ – ] Faux_Fox reply One more thing....this was really, really good. <3
    • [ – ] Xexor parent reply It's a good game generally. The controls are a little wonky here and there (like if you're climbing Trico, would you ever *really* want to just climb on the underside of his belly instead of up the side of him to get on top?). But overall it's very well made.
      • [ – ] Faux_Fox parent reply Yeah, I think so. This was 10 years in the making, so I guess they had a lot to work on. Maybe they didn't quite get everything. Every game has something, though. You know what I mean? Overall, this is an amazing game. Their relationship is beautiful because we see most of that through body language. We totally feel that love. That alone is amazing.
        • [ – ] Xexor parent reply Definitely. I'm not even remotely saying the game is bad, and almost every game has something about it that isn't the way you'd want. But it's a really great game, still. I just wish the boy could not stumble around so much. :)
          • Faux_Fox parent reply What if they did that on purpose because a child in that situation would definitely be awkward? You know like clumsily stumbling around. Maybe that wasn't intentional but it sure would be brilliant if it was. :)
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