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  • PfsAmelak reply Jootube is messed up, f that dead platform, just turned to rubbish, internet is in real danger, buying up, monopolizing and with AI and quantum computing, VR, other technology and big data being stolen by Israel, as well as Silicon Valley move to silicon Wadi, Israel, we are in trouble. They will have perfect exploitation in place and change what we see,believe and are. Done with telegraph, telephone, television, print, radio, film... but far far worse. As we start to live in digital world, they control. Unit 8200 will seem like a vision of paradise, compared to hell being built. Traitors and thieves, bought and blackmailed government, all need to go. Thanks for preserving what will become only memories. Modern bonfire of vanities, they are the true evil they pretend to hate and vilify. Well done, should all fight and preserve physical copies of what find objectionable. Threats to enslavement, and central banking, all national socialism was against.
  • Winnor reply I love Murdoch Murdoch. Makes me laugh and makes me think. Hope he or they come to vidme
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