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Atheists Watch Fireproof

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  • burkvest And those infernal computer machines bring you nudie films! and feet covered in various foods!
  • [ – ] Monkbot10 So are you guys gonna take questions and comments for Jake reads and ask Hugo here too?
  • [ – ] xevzev I hate-watched this when it came out and it's CRAZY how much the whole thing is built on hating women. Kirk won't even take the stupid book seriously unless his dad pretends he wrote it? Fuck you, Kirk Cameron and friends!
    • [ – ] Monkbot10 parent Kirk Cameron and friends sounds like the bibleman spinoff but instead of parodying batman it parodies Captain Planet in a Scooby-Doo style fashion.
  • [ – ] encirclingvoid I've been waiting so long to watch this
  • Ryusuta I have to admit I'm disappointed that a previously free video is subscriber locked now. I'm not gonna lie, that's a bit of a dick move...
  • [ – ] alexkline42 Gimme Fuel! Gimme Fireproof! Gimme that which I Desire! Ooooo!
  • TheJimTanker Guys, that military uniform was Marine MARPAT summer camouflage. They've had that for years.
  • WowDMove Wait you have to sub to watch this!?! I thought the videos weren't going to be, at least make all of them subscription required
  • FishySammich waited so long to watch this.
  • [ – ] Monkbot10 Well I finally figured out how to put a comment on vidme..... am- am I the R-word?
  • TheRhizzino So is the vid me dead now? I noticed there's no new content and you've not been pimping it out on your show anymore.
  • Tobisaru So much for "fireman time"
  • mSwed Thank you for uploading this!!!
  • ShaneTheDruid The only way giving you this dollar could be a more meaningful experience is if I could slip it into your G-strings.
  • deadmime22 why is all the text backward?
  • PS-Moyer Do I really have to pay a dollar for this? I already give you guys money on patreon. Is there a link for it there cause I checked both the "patron only" and "paid for by patrons" tags and I didn't see it listed.
  • THExANGELOLIGHT Keep up the great work guys! Jake I love your beard!
  • pjmx23 My dad bought the Love Dare. Then again, he cheated on my mom, so his trial didn't end well.
  • [ – ] MaffewCross Wait, how does that twist work? The writing in the book had female pronouns right? like it was written by a dude? It also involved buying flowers and the parents are traditional Christians so she bought him flowers? Did they slap that twist on at the end? Because it doesn't fit. Also, that military guy was in a Marine uniform. Not futuristic at all, totes real. One last thing, am I crazy or was everyone wearing their wedding ring on the wrong finger ?
    • melancholicjeans parent The movie clips are mirrored, probably to avoid YT's copyright thing when it was originally on YT. When it shows words they're backwards.
  • [ – ] Snipeth Is he reading that backwards on purpose, or does he not know how books work?
  • Runtripfall I watched this with my youth group when it came to theaters and forgot about it entirely until your review on Youtube came out.
  • kajacx Years ago when I watched this movie and enjoyed it unironicly. No wonder I don't have a girlfriend. Thank you so much for reuploading this, I have waited for way too long. Praise Kek.
  • KadetJaina Always wanted to see this, thanks for reuploading it, guys. Subscribed just for you <3
  • OldSchoolZinger Still one of my favorite Atheists Watch videos. Kirk Cameron is like a slow motion train wreck and I can't ever look away.
  • giveinmusic LOVE THIS. I can't see it 'cos I'm not subscribed yet but I'm pretty sure I love it.
  • [ – ] AveSatanas666 Really??? Subscribers only!? I waited so long to watch this... :(
  • TillMoglickeit I wish i could watch this...only have paypal. waited forever to see this back up. rip me.
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