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  • [ – ] DecadesApartProductions reply Another funny video guys! I completely agree about Maguire being a better Peter Parker but Garfield being a better Spider-man. I also feel that Bale is the best Bruce Wayne but Keaton is the best Batman. Totally weird question: do you guys watch Venture Brothers? If you do, have you seen Spider-man on there?
    • [ – ] TotallyGoodAtGames parent reply Thank you so much! On Batman, I think that both Christian Bale's and Michael Keaton's portrayals of Bruce Wayne and Batman are fantastic. I like Keaton's Batman costume a lot, but there's just something about the voice of Bale's Batman that gives him the edge... I have only seen clips of Venture Bros. online and it looks great! I'll have to actually sit down and watch some of it before I can give my own opinion. I'll ask Darren if he's seen it.
      • [ – ] DecadesApartProductions parent reply I just really like Bale's privileged playboy approach, especially in Batman Begins but wasn't a big fan of the voice he chose (mostly in DK and DKR). The Spider-man on Venture Bros is pretty funny as he is actually like a spider man. Also, I forgot to mention in my original comment that the high steak was really funny.
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