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  • SackOs reply "We got lots of things and stuff going on. And we got things and stuff. It's a mess. Lots of things. Mexicans."
  • SambaSchutte reply "We're not respected as a nation anymore". Why? Pause this video at any moment and you will see!
  • RobOReilly reply Trump looks and sounds like a 4th grader when he's being insulted. I half expected him to say, "I'm rubber and you're glue..."
  • adampapagan reply Tough on ISIS, tougher on Jeb.
  • ab42er reply Son of bitch
  • Gurucostarica reply Is this Trump guy for real??? He acts like a kid who can't have it his way. I'm so happy I'm not from the US. I would feel ashamed.
  • crankydragon reply When did Jeb grow a pair? Did you get some after school tutoring from his brother and his Father?
  • CamBrexler reply First DJ Khaled and now the Terror Squad. If only they would get lost at sea.
  • stevek reply We need to invade Josh Jacob's box of sweater vests.
  • ErinAlexis reply Oh dear God, I just found myself shaking my head in agreement to something Jeb Bush just said. Granted, it was when he said Trump couldn't "Insult his way into the presidency," but still. This is just how evil Trump is!
  • smileybridge reply I don't understand how Trump is still on TV. Anyone this racist and crazy should be running, but not for the Presidency.
  • evangreenberg reply "Do you think I'm scared of Jeb Bush? I've looked into the eyes of Gary Busey and Latoya Jackson. You want pure evil? I've seen the soul of the devil"
  • RobOReilly reply Jeb wants to increase military spending to have a military "second to none". Dear God. The US already has by far the biggest military and spends more $ on military budget than the next 7 countries combined. Think about that when Republicans complain about budget cuts.
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