Dissent in America - Kathy Griffin's Photoshoot

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  • Heyou-GetOffaMyCloud999 reply Listen, Kathy Griffon is NOT a victim or persecuted person. With millions of MTV generation, college-indoctrinated, ignorant idiots, millions of feminists and pretty much 90%+ of the media in her corner; (except to cover their ass with for ratings and advertising) She's the furthest thing from a dissident! Self-serving grandstanding rebel-rouser maybe, but dissident? Give me a break. What she did required no courage at all. She can shed all the fake tears and play coy all she wants. She's a victim? She's a 20 million dollar victim. She wishes harm and we don't have to like it. You make the point Obama was hung in effigy. So what? SO WHAT? SO WHAT'S YOUR POINT, M#@%!?? We all know we have the right of freedom of speech. Tell me something I don't kn
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