The Game Grinder - Doom (2016) (PC/PS4/XB1) Review

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  • [ – ] DuesX187 reply The game is undeniably fun. Ironically it was actually Doom3 that got me into the series, being born in 87, I was a tad too young for the originals at the time. One thing I will say is Doom3 had a much stronger sense of immersion due to its focus on realism, grittiness and atmosphere. While Doom4 is a much more arcade like experience, and it's a slight downgrade in immersion in this way, but thats not what its going for and I totally get that. It's just an awesome AWESOME ride.
    • TheGameGrinder parent reply I had the chance to play Doom 1 and 2 here and there, but never had my own computer and enough access to play them to completion, such much like you, Doom 3 was really my first full experience. I built my first computer (after having prebuilts) so I could play Doom 3 on ultra settings. I am one of the few the really enjoyed the game. As for your thoughts on Doom 4, I totally agree! Thanks for watching!
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