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Guided Meditation - for use with Mirror Gazing Psychomanteum Spirit Communication, Spiritualist ASMR

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August 8 2017

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#asmr #meditation #guidedmeditation #ambient #mindfulness #consciousness #sleep #relaxation #luciddreams #astralprojection #parapsychology #psychomanteum In parapsychology and spiritualism, a psychomanteum is a small, enclosed area set up with a comfortable chair, dim lighting, and a mirror angled so as not to reflect anything but darkness intended to communicate with spirits of the dead. The psychomanteum was popularized by Raymond Moody, originator of the term near-death experience, in his 1993 book, Reunions. Moody believed the psychomanteum was useful as a tool to resolve grief. The chamber was kept darkened and illuminated only by a candle or a dim light bulb. Subjects gaze into the reflected darkness hoping to see and make contact with spirits of the dead. Moody compared the psychomanteum to the Greek Necromanteion, and said its function was a form of scrying. - WIKIPEDIA This is an Altrusian Grace Media guided meditation to use in conjunction with working in psychomanteum sessions. Related Links: Altrusian Grace Media presents guided meditations, ambient soundscapes and music, and ASMR videos to help you deprogram from the matrix of everyday Reality. Achieve peace, well-being, learn to center yourself and shut off your internal dialogue. Free your mind, Free your soul. Synchronicity is all around. Awaken to a new existence as we bring you unique content. Relax, Sleep, Study, or Meditate to our original creations for the Spirit and Mind. From soft spoken vision quests to the sounds of peaceful summer nights to experiments in ambient music - we have the audio medicine for you! Download High Definition audio files at: Website: Please comment below with your experience!

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