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  • paulzpc reply Show them the door while you are showing them your shoe size in their asses.
  • FrostedFoxes reply I feel like i'm looking at a cancer cell attempting to infect the rest of the body.
  • SirRidealot reply So basically what Halal Chief is saying is that Australian women are broodmare for the caliphate.
  • Sock_Puppet reply Muslim gets off saying "It's just a joke" while Europeans get a stasi knock at the door for online comments.
  • [ – ] Edgewood reply I wonder what the self-respecting men of Australia will have to say to that, and not just you, Suit. Because that sounds like they also intend to cuckold married couples. Still under rape, yeah...but ugh. If it was legal, I'd send you one of our hunting rifles. Though...I figure a few steel pellets and a hunting sling will do, if you can't get a gun. Dunno if they sell them there, but they're fun to use.
    • AceAcer2 parent reply I have some swords here in my collection that only need a small work to make them usable to severe some heads from bodies. I even have a Murasama i recently acquired from a friend and it's far from being blunt. So if Suit needs some swords i can send some along with your rifles :D
  • draconath reply well shit how about i lend you my hammer i call her common sense. Australia needs it.
  • [ – ] TheChambersofMyHeart reply Uh how about "go screw yourself." Geesh....
  • gregory1989 reply For the lazy: Halal is basically animal torture.
  • albanothemadman reply Can a man have multiple aneurysms and live...find out after this!!!!
  • Didymus reply Aloha snackbar!
  • TheMac reply The jerk said something racially charged and then he says he's just bothering racists. The creep is way too racist to make that cowardly dishonest claim.
  • TheMac reply I followed you from Yt, glad to see you here. On Yt, I am j.wright. You do very good well thought out videos without the ranting I would be prone to. When I get my pay pal set up, I will say hello again. One wades through a lot of shit, from all sides, to find the really good solid intelligent material. I'm an arrogant asshole on purpose, I suck up to nobody. You just do truly worth while material, even when I don't agree with specific points. Good on what you do.
  • WhiteWolf2412 reply All non Whites should be expelled from our lands. ''Christian'' Africans and Mental Easterners are gang rapists , pedos and uncivlised filth as much as muzzie ones... and they hate us with hot hate as much as muzzie Mental Easterners , Pakis and Africans do.
  • shogadame reply The only thing Muslims deserve is to be Exterminated.
  • Mr-Penguin reply its a good video, like even if youtube is a dick and decides to remove it, people need to know about this shit, can't cure cancer if you don't know you have it
  • JonnyBonSocko reply Fantastic Suit, and something those of us in the states need to wake up to as well. I had hoped that Europe would have been enough of a warning to what the muslim religion and sharia is all about, and that's to take over the world by any means necessary. We are watching a bloodless invasion of Europe, well the rape victims and molested children might disagree that it's bloodless. But islam and sharia teaches deception is the key to this virus spreading to the rest of the world. My children's future may be fucked, but I and those like me still have a say about our grand children's future, and laying down is not an option for this dad. Thank you again Suit for pointing out what people should be paying attention to.
  • GanjaGamerKen reply He provides Halal free meat... So many dick jokes... so little time... You rock Suit
  • [ – ] GanjaGamerKen reply Wait wait wait ... y'all Aussies some drink and take drugs and then fuck bitches to make the babies? WHERE DO I SIGN UP?!
  • chucklespig reply fuck that shit
  • chucklespig reply fuck that shit
  • AceAcer2 reply IMPORTANT : For those like me have troubles with PayPal Checkout to tip Suit chose the "Credit Card/Debit Card" option and enter your card manually and it will work.
  • [ – ] AceAcer2 reply Something tells me YT will demonetize this video ... but who cares because for what YT is making content creators earn it's so ridiculously small that it's not even worth mentioning. Good thing Patreon and PayPal are there for content creators so they can earn some well deserved money for their efforts and hard work. However i'm a bit concerned about Patreon and what they will do in the future. That's why i'm considering using only Paypal and giving you a monthly payment that way if Patreon bans your account. We also should search for other options to compensate and replace Patreon. Now about the video, unfortunately you are right. No matter the amount of evidences we shown them some ppl will never believe till it's too late. Old timers like you and me would probably not live long enough to see the consequences of the left madness but we have enough life experiences to see what's coming if things continue to go the way they are now. It's sad ... and really frustrating to see th...moree younger generations not realizing they are doing a HUGE mistake. Here in Canada we are currently letting in 950 "migrants" from different countries They are currently being packed in the old Olympic Stadium of Montreal. Of course the news are showing kids and women for ratings reasons. My problem with this is among the countries there is some Islamic ones. Lets hope the vetting system will work and really filter out those who aren't desirable. I don't know if there is any Syrian refugees in the lot because both our PM Trudeau and Quebec PM Mr Couillard haven't specified clearly if there is any. Anyways enough babbling from my part. Cheers :)
    • [ – ] GanjaGamerKen parent reply Im Suit said in the beginning fuck YouTube this video is for Vidme
    • [ – ] SirRidealot parent reply Perhaps if we start supporting our favorite commentators here on by tipping or subscription they will post more here instead. This is what I started doing. It supports the creator and the platform. Fuck YouTube. I left it in my rear view mirror.
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