I'm Now Accepting Donations On Hatreon

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    • [ – ] ChrisHvide parent reply It fluctuates too much as supposed to something like Dash or Ethereum. In fact, btc has gone rapidly down as of late. So donation through BTC is a bad idea.
      • [ – ] mp1818 parent reply BTC is at all time high
        • [ – ] ChrisHvide parent reply No dude. Did you pay attention in June? BTC almost crashed due to that whole China situation. Although BTC is stagnating at the moment, it ain't profitable at all especially in the long run.
          • [ – ] mp1818 parent reply No it didn't. If it crashed it would be a good price to buy since there are no new vulnerabilities discovered and the drop would be purely caused by speculation. It is backed by math. Also, accepting many different cryptcurrencies might be a good idea, since different donors may prefer different currencies.
            • [ – ] ChrisHvide parent reply Dude! Like I said, btc is stagnating atm. Due to the almost crash during June due to (again) the Chinese govt holting transactions in January till June when people were finally able to withdraw their money. That is why we saw more sales than buys that month. We are still seeing red numbers on bitcoin. Although again, we can see it stagnating. Bottom line, btc is a bad idea and a bad long term investment.
              • Librebowski parent reply BTC is at 3,300 a coin right now, highest its ever been. Ether has JP Morgan and Microsoft connections. I would be careful with that.
  • Phobos_Media reply I'm waiting for my invite email currently. How long did it take for you? I'll multiply that amount of time by about 250,000
  • PsychoticPhilosophyPodcast reply Alternatives are a must
  • Platypus67 reply Free speech has NO exceptions.
  • Arioch reply i just buy your books
  • [ – ] AntiThat reply Yep. it is unfortunate naming, since it seems to go along with the SJWs' false claim that anything not PC is de facto "hate speech".
    • Sledjer parent reply IMO the naming is great. It's mere existence is a massive middle finger to the SJWs you speak of
    • [ – ] inops parent reply I like it. It's a bit like "hate facts"; it is mocking those that try to shut us down.
      • [ – ] AntiThat parent reply Yep, I get that but it could backfire. Let's take Styx as an example and say that one day he gets big enough to be targeted by an attack piece in an SJW site like WaPo. They'll say "you took money via an admitted hate site". Maybe Hatreon should put in a disclaimer, I dunno, it's a tricky thing.
  • [ – ] Watersurf reply Can I just give you money to put a shirt on? Jeez...
  • [ – ] VybeyPantelonez reply That's another reason I like vidme, the tip feature is really nice. Imagine if we could build this platform. I don't expect tips (#art is for fun/spirituality) personally but you'd be making bank. I've tipped you DAve cullen and molyneaux. you three have definitely added a lot of value to my lunch hour and commute lolz (serios)
    • Sock_Puppet parent reply I will use that function only when Vidme unlocks the political videos until then this site isn't worth my support.
  • DudeRide reply Nice to see your sticking with your commitment to getting off Youtube. Good luck man!
  • Nutbag01 reply Chris Robinson looks fucking terrible
  • Nitya reply Why not enable subscriptions here? At least they provide a useful service for the share of the money they take, unlike patreon or hatreon; to me as a consumer it seems those two services add no value at all.
  • StolenMoment reply HATEtreon; how excellent. Get an Exodus wallet.
  • NickZNick033 reply Of course there's no audio desync on this video.
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