Vermont Issues 19: State Won't Cooperate With Trump Voter Data Request

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  • [ – ] JohnnyWishbone reply Dead people have a right to vote too. We must end the corpsophobia.
  • Glassic_Gamer reply Vermont has a tendency to let lots of illegal voters vote and vote often. You don't even need an ID to vote in Vermont so anyone can do it including out of state college students.
  • WickedWonka reply Same thing with California, the state is refusing to hand over voter data.
  • Shimeran reply I'm in favor of investigation, but leary of giving voting history.
  • Liberty_Surveillance reply Seems to me they aren't comfortable to consider Trumps assertion that voter fraud is more rampant than we think. California counties that have more voters than people of voting age? I'd like to see this released.
  • Cynical-Bastard reply When people go to vote, they do not get investigated for potential fraud. That would strangle the voting system. 4th amendment, that's correct. But it's certainly a complex issue.
  • StolenMoment reply Thats a satanic lookin tail.
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