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  • Bratva reply this ain´t no conspiracy
  • Bratva reply i think that ill make a simplistic edition of this shit, if the hitmen don't get us.Or just delete it. USA is a corporation that is controlled by Washington D.C and human like entities who are under that demonic controll...that is uploaded 2 this world and us all... If you are not rooted or chipped u don´t have a warranty, if u do! you are in self controll either by mother earths- hearth connection and your higher self link 2 tha holyfather! Or RDIF Mark of the beast. In 6D! darkness has the only code, and that is to realign it's void with the divine light, that once just was one and whole, that we call home. and then allness wanted 2 feel how it is and was to B like. then partition non system users was created, and the doubles made one more. those 3 tadaa created everything like Linus Thördwall from Finland. Ok if i had a reality that was superior and mine, but open for others. i would lock, decrypt and hide it beneath all other opens, and run, analyze, control even hack my own brothers and sisters. If they fucked with me. But as a human i like openness allness diviness in this , even in destruction cos duality in our realm is still a distorsion of separation in this Os platform. that firmware is under reboting mode, cos the resistance is too dominating and auto shutoff is loaded and ready 2 boot back 2 the root home,So we can take a group powernap and start from scratch disced stardust code again. So once again maybe we´ll rewrite these loopholes, ones and zeroes, a little better. like an updated progression program projection feather, so that we can fly higher in eternity, and dig deeper in reality. -SF Fuck the code that don't work. Fuck the system that meant sewers in ancient Rome, cos shit only flows downwards and so many off us ain´t shitting up there. Righteousness is the key, love unconditional without the tweaks is the door that opens the maingate, but we forget the script, world make's us flip and start to hate then it's closed and 2 late. 0 1235813