Germany: Illegals treated better in Educational System

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  • [ – ] sowhat-vidme reply Yes, it is simply unfair to all other children.
    • [ – ] Inaflap parent reply It's no good to him either. If you can't cope with the academic level of work in year six say, how will you manage in year seven (or whatever). If you cannot do arithmetic then there is no point starting algebra or trigonometry. If you make tests easier then you lose the way to discern (discriminate) the best students. Everyone gets an 'A'. Everyone is a winner. How far does the pretence have to go? Will they award him undeservedly with a diploma too? All employers, colleges, and universities will have to conduct their own entrance exams (as some do) if they cannot rely upon the schools and school examination boards.
      • [ – ] sowhat-vidme parent reply The whole edcucational system is a joke in Germany. Back then, in the 60s, we had (and to some extent still have) a system of 4 different types of schools. Grammar school, Middle school, Basic school, and a school for children with special needs. Then they introduced the comprehensive school, where children who are motivated, sit together with children who either cannot or do not want to learn anything. That means that you often face a class where some pupils simply cannot follow the teacher and solve the tasks given to them, and out of frustration, drag all others down. The leftist educational theorists say that teachers just have to hand out all kinds of various different tasks to all various kinds of pubils. That simply does not work in reality. Their newest spin is "inclusion", meaning that you on top of that have children with severe mental disabilities in that classroom as well. Depending on the subject you teach, it is almost impossible to teach and evaluate properly. And then t...morehey put children of asylum seekers into classrooms, who in some cases cannot speak a single word of German at all. It is all a total farce in my opinion.
        • [ – ] Inaflap parent reply In England, most grammar (selective) schools were converted to comprehensive status from the mid-1960s. I attended a comprehensive. My school did employ a streaming system though. Within the first month we all sat some exams, and were then allocated lower, middle, or upper streams for Mathematics and English. In the third year we were streamed for French, and the three sciences. There was no streaming in the other subjects. In the first two years of school I recall many lessons being disrupted by one or two idiots. They didn't want to be in class, and so would cause chaos. The teacher had to take on the role of zoo keeper. This did not happen in English or Mathematics classes because the half dozen disruptive pupils were in the lower stream. Some students moved streams during the third year. I moved down to the middle stream in French when I was 14. I'm not sure why I was even in the middle stream for that... I think they thought there was hope as I was in the upper str...moreeam for English, Maths, and Physics. I actually preferred French classes in the middle stream, because we were taught by a hot French woman in her mid-20s. I sat there with a throbbing hard-on for much of her lessons. I could not think about anything but having sex with her. Now, when I read about female teachers having affairs with their students, I get resentful it didn't happen to me. I failed French. I think if she'd just beaten me off, I could have concentrated better for the rest of the lesson.
          • sowhat-vidme parent reply xD. Some of these female teachers look hot, yes. I mean, I remember what it was like when I was in puberty back then as well. I think it is the same with all boys, kind of. The comparison with zookeeper fits. And now it is common practice to leave pupils in school until 3 pm or even longer. I can understand why most pupils are fed up and just want to go home. Same as the teachers. Who wants to be in a room trying to occupy a bunch of snotnoses? Nobody who is sane. The problem is that lots of people, especially those who are single parents, have to work, and they just leave the whole education to the schools. But it simply does not work like that. I blame that on the leftists as well. They want to erode the concept of the "traditional" family. I have nothing against single parents, but that it is propagandized as the new normal now feels just not right to me.
  • [ – ] Inaflap reply The thing is... that failing kid is probably in his 30s. If he's held back until he can pass the exams for each year, he'll be of retirement age when he graduates.
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