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  • Lucky2bGorgeous reply Don't give up on Vidme.... as long as they allow you to get the Truth Out a MAJORITY of the Time. Who is responsible for the Directing of Wealth Redistribution? Follow the Money... for the Top of the Corrupt Food Chain... Follow who has all the Wealth.... seems to be centered around the Land that Made Robin Hood Famous! The Federal Reserve and the Bankers are just Tools.
  • HELLTOPAY reply Gabe David Icke's name is pronounced "eye-kee"
  • tonywarren reply Dirty bush bastatds
  • Tom_Prokes reply Here's the link:
  • [ – ] GinoForever2017 reply Gabor reach out to Styxhexenhammer666. He is on youtube and vidme he can help you get things up and running again...
  • GinoForever2017 reply Love Jim Marrs... David Icke...
  • BuddyKarl reply I found you....keep on doing what you do so well.
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