Sen. Joe Manchin: Trump Administration Gets It on Coal Regs

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  • ClimatePonziLie reply Adani Group announces Queensland towns to service $16.5 billion mine project Why Australia axed their carbon tax on YouTube watch?v=sLjV04-V5WQ France quits it's own policiy on Carbon taxes are "a fraud and a scam" on Germany To Abandon $1.1 Trillion Wind Power Program By 2019 trillion-wind-power-program-by-2019/
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  • ClimatePonziLie reply Geo Thermal, they use a lot of it in ICE land, there tap into vents very close to active volcanoes, In other parts of the word they tried it but after a short period of time the heat is dissipated too much and there need to find and drill a new tap hole. Which can be very expensive if your in the right area it works well. Just like Hydro Dams. It all depends on your location and resources available should play a part in deciding how people want to supply their energy needs. If you have a lot of, use coal, it you live next to a volcano use Geo Thermal, If you live next to a water fall. Ted Cruz since the Election has been one of Trumps biggest supporters and has been trying to prosecute Democrats and has really been working hard to Drain the Swamp. Being that Ted is also Canadian I hope he eventually takes on Trudeau of Canada. Trudeau is a rat and a Globalist Communist NWO that wants to bring in Muslim Terrorist. Canada has OIL and COAL in Alberta, But Trud eau has decided they hate Ca...morerbon.
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