The NEW Video the I.R.S. DEFINITELY Does NOT Want You to See!!

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  • poparodcassidy reply ALL federal taxes go to pay the interest on the debt.100% all of it.Not to schools,parks,roads etc..If thats not bad enough the feds use the money they steal from us via taxation to further its own agendas and take MORE of our rights away.Talk about insult to injury we pay for the pleasure of the feds subjugating us all.
  • jlpierson reply Anarchy is perfect in theory
  • kcjonescentral reply this was an amazing vlog
  • 24Seven reply I am glad I only volunteered two years when 16 and 17 years old if I had of filed the 3rd year in a row that would have made me a taxpayer and so I am not in their system. I have a SSI number but have never been asked to ever be challenged but I also did another thing. I sent the IRS a Certified Letter that I was wanting to know how I could file a tax return without violating my God given rights in accordance with when Government was put on notice of my 5th and 10th amendment written in the Bill of Rights. When you can show me how that is possible to file without it infringing on that God given Rights then I will be more than happy and WILLING to do so. And they NEVER responded and I STILL have the postal receipt from over 40 years ago. The IRS lost a presidented case against a man who started the Golden Mean Society located in Arizona years ago of whom his name slips my mind but he was a constitutional professor and set himself up as a test case for the courts when the first thing the...morey charge one with is "WILLFUL FAILURE to FILE" and he sent that same certified letter which is prima facia evidence he was WILLING when they answer the question which they can't and by Law MUST ANSWER. Furthermore the UCC does not define natural borns as taxpayers and why it was always volunteer system. But if you volunteer 3 times or years in a row, they then claim that then is proof you agreed to now forever be obligated. I have never been challenged as the presidence has already been set and they would only lose so they go pick on other poor souls they have entrapped and enslaved when there is no legit Government for over 100 years and can prove it. There is no country anymore they through deception and subversion converted it into a Corporation which has NO LEGAL AUTHORITY BY AND FOR THE PEOPLE AS THEY DO NOT BUT SWARE AN OATH TO THE CONSTITUTION THAT SECRETLY THEY BELIEVE IS SUSPENDED in order to deceive further the people, making them think its still a country. Its now all smoke and mirrors by actors posing as officials under oath, and nobody is the wiser they think. But they NUKED themselves over 100 years ago when they excersized emmergency war powers which suspended the constitution which document only defines government and its limited powers so only suspended government so the People could re-institute it which we never have. It could not suspend the BILL OF RIGHTS that is a different document and our rights are God given so they did NOT as they think they did SUSPEND THOSE AS THEY HAVE NO POWER TO DO SO.
  • Jeffer62 reply Was trying to buy flashlight or head lamp and the link is taking me to a Facebook startup page.
  • Soulofall reply The problem with taxation is that it has no limit or a line. the government increases taxes and puts new taxes whenever and however they want. But to say that the existence of tax itself is unneeded then i have to ask how exactly to you expect to have a government if there is no income and money to such government? How will you have a nation with no army and defense? What stops other from taking your nation if you are so defenses. How to you avoid chaos on the streets with no laws or police? Are you arguing in favor of anarchy? Obviously this things aren't just nothing but are valuable services that need management etc. So at least a certain level of taxes is needed and it can be seen as the pay for services that keep the place you live civilized and defented. So is not exactly theft. I agree with low taxes and small government but expecting to not pay at all and still have a government and an army and police and a nation it is kind of unrealistic and seems more like anarchy theo...morery.
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