10 Games That Seriously ENHANCED The Female Body

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  • EddyNoiz reply If this is so problematic... why do women cosplay it all so much? just asking seriously.
  • [ – ] FanatixFour reply Does Senran Kagura count?.... Or... Is that squarely in the anime category despite having games?
  • Kimota reply I'd admit that it was difficult to take serious the video to me, sorry I don't want to be harsh nor mean, but there isn't nothing wrong with sexuality and liking the female body or just the human body, I myself like musculated male fighters, with an over enchanced body, but I get your point, not all people like their characters being sexualized male or female, I can understand that but it also could be a very interesting trait for a character or a double edge sword, I like a lot Samus Aran from Metroid, agree she is a BADASS, but I can't stand the zero suit, not for the suit itself but 'cause it so over used that it gets me tired. My only complaint must be Valkyre Chronicles, because there is not an actual example in the video, just gameplay of a girl with a military armor/suit. The others are fair examples, but I don't see nothing exagerated with the girl from FF, except the response to the character. So I don't find disrespectful these games, also I do not feel attracted to them lik...moree games to most of them, so I can't critice them except I've played(which is not the case).
  • MellowsMightyMight reply Fanservice, Fanservice, FANSERVICE!
  • Librebowski reply The new Tomb Raider got a nice 🍑 when she walks too
  • JamesRBrown reply In the case of Ryu's apprentice in Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2, she does that appearance on purpose. The Kuniochi use sexuality to distract their opponent. You watch the boobies, and then get a tanto to the belly or throat. A fanservice way to die.
  • SolidXSteak reply You realize that the DOA volleyball titles are just spinoffs right. The main series are actually pretty in depth & complex fighting games
  • SolidXSteak reply Link was in Soul Calibur 2 not SC3
  • ThePreppiestMGTOW reply K. You are a feminist cuck, so obvious with the constant whining...
  • bunniiBGG reply Omg ivy! I loved soul caliber she was awesome
  • smoothcc reply I played the first DOA on Xbox out of curiosity. To be fair, when you get past all the fan service the actual volleyball games are surprisingly well Designed and fun.
  • Chrone reply Dead or alive has a VR mode, IYKWIM :>
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