Lets Play Banjo Kazooie Gruntys Revenge Part 1: Time shenanigans!

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  • [ – ] JadeJicama reply Did Banjo call the chicken Mama Clucker? And, is the Bottle's replacement Boss-Eyed?
    • [ – ] mrgameandpie parent reply Yes to both of those! In general it seems like the moles of the series have pretty bad eyesight, all of them needing glasses, but I suppose Bozzeye here takes the concept to the next level.
      • [ – ] JadeJicama parent reply It's also kind of weird how the music is ever so slightly off compared to the N64 music, and the mutter speech doesn't fit the same way... just because it's on the GBA?
        • [ – ] mrgameandpie parent reply The GBA does have a rather strange music chip, so that's probably an element, but I also believe that memory may also be an issue. Reusing the character grunts at different speeds and pitches for different characters is something that's always happened in the BK series, but it feels like its more extreme and, in general, noticeable this time around, perhaps because they couldn't implement as many different speech patterns.
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