VIDME UPDATE: Monthly Subscriptions Introduced

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  • [ – ] MysticSword reply Hmm.. Interesting. Some food for thought. But, does that mean that mean two types of content you can offer on a channel? Like, "free" content that any one can watch, and then "paid-for" content that only Subscribers can watch? Or does it mean if enabled that all your videos are now behind a paywall and only Subscribers who pay a monthly fee can watch? Not sure how I feel about it really, as, sometimes life stuff and other priorities can crop up to prevent me from making and uploaded new videos as often as I would like, then anyone Subscribed would complain or un-subscribe if you didn't give them frequent / regular / quality content they are expecting. I think one would probably need to try to do it like a full-time job in that case. Kinda of feels like a new level of pressure, stress and expectations would be added on the Creator, and for now I am making content and sharing it for the enjoyment of it and that's the way I prefer it. Even in the several years I ran a channel on YouTube ...moreI barely earned any money from it (maybe enough to buy a couple of cups of coffee in a month if I was lucky). However, the Tips idea is still viable, I feel no pressure, no stress involved that way (even though so far I haven't yet earned any Tips, but then again, I'm still quite new on VidMe and my channel still small as amount of Subscribers goes). If someone wants to give me a little something (and if they could spare it) because they liked my content, that's great and of course much appreciated, but there's no obligation on either side (for the Viewers or for me) in that regards. I think for the Subscription service to be viable for any Creators on VidMe, they would probably have to have a lot of Followers already established, then hopefully have enough of them to become willing to pay to become Subscribers. Then the Creator themselves would probably need to do it like a full-time job in order to be able to make and create on a enough regular / frequent / quality exclusive Subscriber-only content. I don't think many Creators would have enough Followers to become Subscribers to make it viable (unless they were already say big on YouTube perhaps then they come to VidMe, bringing a lot of their Followers with them to then some would become Subscribers), or to be able to commit and dedicate enough time and effort required (basically doing it like a full time job). Of course I could be completely wrong and just not quite understanding the whole thing yet. I'd have to more look into what it all really means and how it's to work though.
    • [ – ] Canadian_Consumer parent reply First of all, thanks for the long comment I love those ;) haha. Ok, so the subscribers don't mean everything is behind a paywall. Basically, it's just like patreon or twitch where people can "sub" to you and pay you a certain amount of money every month. This doesn't change anything about where your content is going. All it means is those who want to support you can do so monthly just like a Netflix subscription. And yes, this does put on some pressure but I think that's a good thing. It'll make you want to put out quality content, on a consistent basis. The important thing is to let your audience know how often they can expect you to upload so that subs know what is to be expected. Ok, now for the paywall content. So, VIDME also introduced the option to make exclusive content for your subscribers. It's not live yet, but it's coming soon. This, again, is similar to patreon where you can put certain content behind a paywall. If a creator does this though, they better be smart about it...more. I personally don't like exclusive content. I would not do that with my channel either unless it was for something very specific and unrelated to my main content. Either way, the more content your general audience can see, the better. I also went over this in my video on my channel about how to make a living and make money from doing what you love --- in there I included examples for video content creators and went over some of the paywall themes. In general, not a great idea unless you want to carve out a specific part of your audience for a specific type of content that usually wouldn't be of interest to the main audience, and maybe requires some extra financing. It's a tricky bit that every creator needs to approach carefully, and maybe not at all. Depends on each channel.
      • [ – ] MysticSword parent reply Thanks for more explaining things. If it means a Follower has an option to be a Subscriber to show some support, but it doesn't mean all of my content / videos are behind a paywall, then that's ok. I'm not really liking the idea of a "paywall / exclusive-to-Subscribers only" content though, but perhaps for other Creators they would like such an option. For the time being at least, considering I'm still fairly new on VidMe, and I don't yet have many Followers, I don't think enabling the Subscriptions option would really much benefit me and I'd probably feel more pressured. If any of my Followers decide they'd like to throw a Tip my way, then of course I'd still be welcoming and appreciative of that. Anyways, we'll see how things go. Perhaps in future if my channel has some good growth and I feel like I could dedicate more time to create and upload content on a regular basis, I might consider trying the Subscription option then.
        • [ – ] MysticSword parent reply By the way, I tried searching on VidMe for a more thorough explanation, like looking over the FAQs, and look at the VidMe page on Reditt. But unless I overlooked something obvious (which I sometimes do), I didn't see any detailed info on this new Subscription option and I was kinda confused about it and how it was supposed to work (that's why I didn't know if it was like a "Paywall" or not). So thanks to Creators like you to help better explain and clear things up. Keep up the good work. :)
        • Canadian_Consumer parent reply Exactly you got it. I'm glad I was able to help clear that up a bit for yah. Best of luck to you and your channel :)
  • [ – ] BeybladeGalaxy reply That's interesting. I'm pretty new on VidMe, but I'm really enjoying the platform, having this kind of feature for content creators is such a great way to bring people to the platform. Your video clarified my doubts about it btw. So thanks for sharing. :)
  • [ – ] PrincepsComitatus reply Great stuff.
  • Canadian_Consumer reply Also, I didn't notice until I uploaded this video, but there are now also Subscription exclusive videos that you can make if you so wish. What are your thoughts on all of this?
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