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  • [ – ] Sharpwing reply The reason as to why you prioritize vidme is actually some simple social psychology man. See we tend to favor things that make us feel more comfortable, welcome and happy over size. Vidme get's first priority because you love vidme more than YouTube. Regardless of how long you've known YouTube, the relationship hasn't been great.
    • [ – ] Soops parent reply I couldn't have said it better myself! Thanks for the comment bro, it means a lot!
      • [ – ] Sharpwing parent reply Yeah, it's sorta like an old friend who changes for the worst. You may have known them for a long time, but here and now is the reality. The past is the past.
  • [ – ] Kamisou reply This was one of the best community I had ever saw. Also, here on Vidme, small channels have their chance too. It's amazing.
  • [ – ] Flemmpai reply Dope video keep up the good work
  • [ – ] LeBlubBlub reply Welcome! I just got on Vid.me a few days ago and am loving it. Here's to a great future!
  • [ – ] Cappa_vlog reply Great vid. Well spoken. I am hoping to upload some of my own. BTW What game is that? I must have missed it if you mentioned it in the vid.
    • Soops parent reply Thanks @Cappa_vlog! The game I was playing is called Raft. You can find the game here :) https://raft.itch.io/raft
  • [ – ] EchoWaltz reply Great video and happy 1 month Vidme anniversary! I've only been actively using the site for around 2 weeks now, but I 100% agree with everything that you said in this video. The community is really welcoming, active and passionate about this platform. Can't wait to see how Vidme evolves and grows throughout this year! I'm sure we are in store for nothing but good things!
    • Soops parent reply Thanks for the comment! Really appreciate it! I really can't wait to see this platform and community grow as a whole :)
  • [ – ] zebular0 reply I have to say, I'm really liking vid.me more than YouTube. I feel like there is a much better chance of finding what you are looking for instead of being force fed whatever YouTube is pushing.
  • [ – ] Gaijillionaire reply good job! looks like vid.me is a fun place
  • [ – ] victuruslibertas reply Good video and you seem like a nice person but..... The bigger Vidme gets, the less of the family feel you will have. Make no mistakes about it, Vidme wants to be the next YT. So, let's enjoy the warm fuzzy while it lasts. Once again, good video.. Thank you
    • Soops parent reply Wow I never thought of it like that. I am in total agreement. Thank you for the feedback!
  • [ – ] GrayDragonslayer reply Congrats on the Vidme progress
  • [ – ] MrATAndreiThomas reply Welcome to Vidme dude its good to see you on bored.
  • [ – ] Seawolf25 reply cool! :D and congrats!! this community is awesome.
  • [ – ] Aiya reply I came here also because of IHE :) and today is my 1 month in Vidme! Congrats Soops
    • Soops parent reply IHE is one of my favorite content creators haha! Thank you for the comment and congrats on 1 month!! :)
  • [ – ] ADJ_Playz reply I haven't been on vidme long, i too created this as a backup to youtube but lately i been thinking to just make vidme my primary. Nice to meet you soops :)
  • [ – ] Exometrium reply ILY SoopsDude, Exodude here. Hopefully I can be more than just a random subscriber that you dont know!
  • [ – ] alex reply Welcome! :) great video
  • [ – ] Spearra reply I hate to be that guy, but which IHE video was it? I want to watch it but I couldn't find it. Side note, good work on your video! Its well paced and you did a great job at maintaining it!
    • Soops parent reply Thanks for the feedback!! The IHE vid I was talking about was the youtube rewind 2016. It was around the end where he mentioned vidme! Thanks again :)
  • [ – ] CuneiformHub reply Hey! I made my channel a month ago as well. That's pretty cool. (December 9, 2016)
  • [ – ] Chonkybeatz reply Great videos :)
  • [ – ] shujinkou_ reply great video mate
  • [ – ] Wulfe reply Good video! Two things. 1. What game are you playing? And 2. This got me excited to be a part of this community! Keep up the work!
    • [ – ] Soops parent reply Thanks bro appreciate it! The game is called Raft btw. You can find it here https://raft.itch.io/raft Thanks again!!
  • Soops reply Woaah! People other than Exodude commenting!? Really appreciate it guys! :)
  • [ – ] PopFizzy reply 69! *Takes a drink!*
  • [ – ] SteviePlays reply Great video Soups it feels good when you get a video that does well. I really think VidMe is a good place for the smaller content creator. YouTube for example there are so many YouTubers and your video/channel gets lost in the thousands of HUGE CHANNELS. Keep it up man.
  • [ – ] TaurusSilverDiamond reply totally agree with this vid, its amazing to be on here!
  • [ – ] TheCreativeFlip reply Hey great video! You brought up some good points, I also feel like Vidme is going to get bigger throughout 2017.
  • [ – ] jardielx2 reply My head is fucking awsome!
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