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  • mikeinthehouse reply I'm still wondering what Pixar's going to do with Toy Story 4. I honestly thought the third would be the last Toy Story film because it ended on such a perfect note. So what else does Toy Story want to show?
  • Crazyspoon reply Inside Out is definitely a movie that could have a sequel or 2 following after it. Or even a new character's emotions instead of Riley's. The possibilities are endless really.
  • sarah reply NO MORE CARS SEQUELS PLEEEEEEASE. With that being said, the idea of the Monsters Inc sequel with Boo growing up sounds really good, except I'm sure it would make a super sad (and adult) Disney movie. My body is not ready for that.
  • MethodRockSynth reply I want a sequel to Big Green because 1. What happens to the elementary teacher Ms. Montgomery and Sheriff Tom 2. Do Juan and Kate become more than friends (if not will Juan be deported back to Mexico while Kate's Dad struggles with drinking) 3. What becomes of Larry from The Sandlot
  • Fighting_Zenith reply I don't think that this would be a good idea, especially how Disney is these days. Plus, I suggest that you read Michael Barrier's reviews when you get the chance.
  • PorkCow reply Enchanted 2 could be like a more family friendly version of Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality. I'd love to see someone with a modern college education go to an animated Disney kingdom and fully exploit it. And she could be so on top of their predictable fairy tale behavior that she could just never fall for the magical villain's plot to take her crown or whatever, so the villain would have to be, like, a New York criminal mastermind who followed her to the fairy tale world, and immediately exploits the dumb rule of 'marrying royalty makes you royalty'. He could try to take over the world one kingdom at a time by using his knowledge of literary tropes to control people and by using his new wizard staff to... what's the family friendly version of decapitating people with braided carbon nanotubes? Whatever, that can be workshopped, I would watch that movie like 200 times.
  • ScottSand523431 reply @mikeinthehouse It's involving Bo Peep
  • chaosking224 reply So last Christmas he literally ended civilization as we know it. (Even though it wasn't cannon) so what event could he possibly do for this year?
  • Thatonecoupletv reply A new great mouse detective would be so amazing!
  • TheArcadecrew reply You've said it Critic! AWESOME TALK
  • UnknownWasTaken reply Honestly, some of these sound like bad ideas for sequels. Most of the movies mentioned are great, but they don't need a sequel. They stand more then well enough on their own.
  • pokematic reply Monster's University wasn't made for kids, it was made for college students that watched Monster's Inc as kids. My friends and I went to see Monster's University because, we were college students who watched Monster's Inc as kids. I suspect that the reason Pixar waited so long to make Toy Story 3 was because they wanted to release it when the kids who watched it all were going away to college. That was me. During Toy Story 1 and 2, I was Andy playing with my toys. During Toy Story 3, I was still Andy, but going off to college.
  • milkybuns reply Inside out sequel please!!!!! I loved that movie so much :'(
  • mikeinthehouse reply @ScottSand523431 I actually read something about that where it involved Bo Peep, and I heard it was going to be some kind of romance story. I just didn't want my earlier comment to drag along.
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