Terraria Top 10 More Things You Shouldn’t Do - Terraria

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  • Spearra reply Continuing on with the "don't get caught up with the bosses" point and exploring your full plate of options. If the Achievement statistics are anything to go buy, nobody fishes a whole lot even though it is high key busted. A lot of biome specific items or a Molten Pickaxe alternative and other powerful items can be obtained through fishing. When you have a proper fishing set up, at times, completing fishing quests can net you more bait then you loose. Plus the bonus rewards from said quests. TLDR: Fishing is great for quickly progressing through the game! So don't sleep on that option as it can help you immeasurably at all stages in the game! Minor tip, set up fishing spots for all of the quest related fish and place Safes at said spots. You can shove quest fish into safes so on your way back to your Angler and you turn in one of them, you can shove the rest into a chest for later use.
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