Vidme vs Youtube Part 2

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  • [ – ] Rayman327 reply Personally I feel youtube has lost its way, I would like to see big content creators moved to Vidme. Now if Vidme starts to get too big and does the same mistakes as YouTube has then that would disastrous for viewers who enjoy this site. I'm hoping the people running Vidme understand that it's about freedom of speech and expressing one's self when it comes to content creation on their site.
  • [ – ] JustABloke reply 1) No, I think any creators should come to vidme because they want to. 2) Monetization on vidme, definitely. 3) Video platforms have the final right, you just have to accept this for what ever reason. Now heres my thoughts, it saddens me that the more video's that come out based on these topics, they all keep going back to the YouTube Model. Come on, it's time to move on. Youtube and Vidme are completely different. Points 1 and 2 are linked and this is a huge. Content creators will be judged on tips and the new subscription feature that has just been implemented. I don't tip on shit. For example Kirsty_J has 20 followers each paying $1 subs. Pewdiepie comes over with 10mill followers and his revenue is from Patreon. As a viewer, Kirst_J stands out and and I would want to know why. Time to stalk.... erm... check her out. :). Good content creators will shine.
    • Kirsty_J parent reply yes, that some great point right there, and I agree completely. and totally agree for more videos that come and are on these sorts of topic then YT model keeps coming back and will have an endless cycle. I think the monthly subscriber is a great idea as well, as it will show off the greater content creators if they want to pay so much for them every month, then clickbaitly channel that are a bit shit.
  • [ – ] MrATAndreiThomas reply Personally, I'm not interested with the big content creators and I also have no respect for youtube anymore after what they did to us small content creators by keeping us in the dark, promoting some of the most stinking, talentless big content creators on YouTube rewind, changing channel layouts to 3.0 cosmic panda back in 2012 to 4.0 the one channel back in 2013, both the cosmic panda and the one channel are the worst set of channel layouts that youtube ever created, youtube had messed up so many times that really pissed a lot of users off, the subscribing glitch began in spring 2012 which made me lost over 10,000 subscribers back then before they force implemented the cosmic panda layout, then in late 2013 right after they forced implementated the one channel they added a stupid new commenting system to merge with Google plus then in December 2013 they upgraded the content identification system which was last introduced in mid 2008 which got me to leave youtube, then I came back in 2...more016 to continue making my videos consistently until they implemented the stupid advertising friendly guidelines and the youtube heroes programme, which was the final straw for me and to top it all of they had lied to us content creators saying that they was no subscribing glitch when they was and thats when started to leave youtube again but this time for permanent as I left youtube at new years eve 2016 to start fresh with vidme, MetaJolt and Vidbit future and now all the advertisers are pulling their ads away from YouTube which I knew more shit was about to happened with youtube and you know what, I am glad I left youtube to suffer the same way treat us small content creators like garbage with their deceitfulness hence, karma just bit youtube on the back side, so I am glad I left youtube for good which I'll be more supportive to vidme, all the way to the end
  • OnyxDigitalCommissions reply I here by dub the hasbeen broken down washed out Youtube officially as CorporateTube. :) It makes sense to exclude the "you" in "YouTube" and just replace it with "Corporate" thus, CorporateTube seems to suit them nicely. Maybe if we spread the term around the vidme community, it'll stick.
  • [ – ] BrianAiya reply i know that you uploaded this video several hrs ago, but i hope you saw the new update with the new monetization system using subscriptions. I believe that many youtubers should come to vidme but i don't believe that big youtubers should or needs to come here because Big youtubers don't have anything to gain from vidme. I just want there to be competition and not just YT having a monopoly in the online video market. YT offers many things that vidme doesn't have and it's already an established brand. But i'm rooting for Vidme to be a formidable competitor to YT.
    • Kirsty_J parent reply yes, I've just notice the monetization system they added, it will be interesting to see what people think of it :) and tbh it not a bad idea, and is definitively a creative way from the normally everyday monetization you see on YT. that a very good point for bigger YouTube not needing to come to vidme, but you never know, and I hope vidme can be a formidable competitor for YT two. since there some great creative content on here and would never get to see half of this if all of this content was on YT.
  • [ – ] TriangleBlast reply Well that's not going to work. Got to hype an alternative if this is where people are going to flock to. (Seems to be missing a lot of functions YT has)
    • [ – ] Kirsty_J parent reply that is true that Vidme does not have some of the same functions as YT, but Vidme is still in it early days for development plus we do not want it to be too familiar to YT as if to similar, we might of well stayed on YT :)
      • [ – ] TriangleBlast parent reply Nope, YouTube just has a problem with advertisers and demonizing. This looks like the next dailymotion.
        • Kirsty_J parent reply true, YT does have those problems but YT have also had the problem of people experiencing subscriber glitches, plus I think YT kinda turning into a video platform for mainstream media rather then a platform for people to post creative videos :) and you could be right that vidme could be the next dailymotion, but i think vidme could be a great video platform, but hey only time will tell :)
  • [ – ] TriangleBlast reply I can not downvote videos, this service sucks!
    • [ – ] thehappymarriedgamer parent reply Why would you want to down vote videos? Didn't Facebook have that as well. They removed it and they are now the biggest social media platform.
      • TriangleBlast parent reply If you can only like videos, then people just assume they like your content. Sometimes people need their egos shattered. One of the biggest mistakes of YouTube is letting people go unchecked in the comments.
    • Kirsty_J parent reply I think vidme did that on purposes to create a more friendly community for a video platform :)
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