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  • [ – ] MultiKillerjoe reply It's not sexiest its so the baby doesn't end up with a disability or something wrong with them physically or mentally.
    • [ – ] AdachiTohru parent reply "NOT YOUR BODY TO JUDGE WHAT I DO WITH MYSELF!" These feminists decry... ...but is fine destroying another person's body just because mommy needs her Barefoot fix.
    • UnderTheBus parent reply That's going to happened anyways you know because it's called fetal alcohol spectrum disorder. Which is what happens to a child who's mother drinks alcohol during pregnancy.
  • [ – ] Glassic_Gamer reply Maybe this explains why all the SJW's exists today. The mothers went out drinking ;)
  • Texastom reply if women drink during pregnancy the child could have physical defects and mental disabilities. they may one day grow up to be a "Feminist", that's right this could happen if you drink during pregnancy. is it worth the risk?
  • YellowNakji reply This has to be the dumbest article i've ever fucking read. If you drink during pregnancy, or smoke like my hill billy mother did, they should not be a mother.
  • userXVI reply Dont Drink Bitch!
  • [ – ] mcstacky reply From the article: "However, there is not robust evidence that light to moderate drinking, or even one-off episodes of binge drinking, causes any long-term damage."
    • top10archives parent reply But... but even if there's little evidence, why risk it? I understand taking risks and enjoying life, but it's a risk that could harm someone else
  • AceAcer2 reply So everything is sexist, even advising pregnant women for the potential danger of some behaviors and habits ... what will be sexist next?? Let me take a few guesses ... telling pregnant women ... 1 - "don't jump off a bridge" 2 - "don't kiss your boyfriend during pregnancy" 3 - "don't fuck your boyfriend during pregnancy" 4 - "don't take care of your other child" 5 - "don't talk to men during pregnancy" 6 - "don't tell your son(s) you are pregnant" ... because it's "sexist" :P I'm i the only one having flashbacks of Anita S. saying "everything is sexist, everything is racist, everything is homophobic and we have to point it at all out" when that kind of articles is published? At least there is some feminists(like Laci Green) and some other people (like Milo Stewart) who now understand they need to open a dialog instead of imposing their ways. Yep you read it right, see the last video of Milo Stewart - you will see a big change in the attitude and ... in the voice as well.
  • Jambit reply Your voice is fantastic
  • SamEarl13 reply Even though its just bullshit they wrote wouldn't people getting scared into aborting their child be a good thing in this case, if their priorities was drinking alcohol (and possibly even getting drunk) over keeping the unborn child safe I'd doubt they'd be a good parent.
  • [ – ] Luciful_Mephisto reply Its a really weird problem. If you see a woman abusing her child, you can probably get a away with stomping a mud hole in her but a pregnant woman knows you cant do sh*t and if you do, no matter what what it is you do, youre either considered a sexist monster or you just hate unborn children and vulnerable women. Modern women have just gone batsh*t insane and worst of all, theyre subjecting their children to their sickness.
  • [ – ] UnderTheBus reply Gee thanks marxism for once again proving to me how useless third wave feminism is to unborn children. Because if a concerned individual cannot comment about how unhealthy it is to expose a fetus to alcohol consumption. Then obviously the left has once again permitted the genocide of destroying life in name moral relativism and political correctness.
    • [ – ] AceAcer2 parent reply I'm surprised this article don't mention the "toxic masculinity of the white male" and how it's the "white male's fault" if everything is sexist :P
      • UnderTheBus parent reply That's because the alcohol consumption that women take in with an unborn child in the womb will destroy toxic masculinity if that child is born a white male. Marxist feminists want fetal alcohol spectrum disorder to destroy the next generation of white males.
  • whitezombie reply Dr. Elie LEE's page on line does not mention any children just research on abortion , motherhood and mental health. I assume, and i do beg pardon if i am wrong, that the good doctor has no children. So until she has at least one , lived experience doctor, i do think she should refrain from giving advice to women who are with child. She can not know anything about them ,she hasn't the lived experience to help her understand. Until she does she is just causing harm with unfounded ideas.
  • Facepalm_Migraine reply "You can't tell me what to do!" says the angry feminist, as she pours another drink. "Why didn't you say something?!" says the angry feminist, as her retarded child takes up her entire life.
  • Broomfondle reply A year or two back i called to see a mate, when i got there there is was stormy as fuck,lashing it down with rain & hail, & he's stood on the fucking doorstep smoking a joint,his g/f made him stand outside cos she was pregnant... ok...bit ott to me but hey... I go inside & 5 mins later she walks in the room smoking a cigarette & holding a can of beer.... Some folk are too dumb for motherhood
  • Draximus reply OMG THIS VIDEO NEEDS TO GO VIRAL! I see pregnant women smoking all the time, even outside a hospital. Makes me so mad!
  • pianoelectro reply Devil's Advocate: Is telling the baby, while it's in the womb, not to trust the government..........sexist? Is being sexist in a perfect society, "Sexist?" Fear my Sexism... ism..... Disclosure: I have no f*cking idea what I just said either however, if you imagine me saying it in the video narrator's voice, it's much cooler. Knob Creek! - Ss
  • Game_Idea_Guy1 reply So....if you can't/don't drink're not apart of society? I guess I must not be at all then...since I rarely ever drink. But then...I guess that means scientists who are out performing experiments are drunk all of the time. That's how they are able to coherently make a thesis or record information and perform different tasks repeatedly in order to get their results. Yep, definitely super drunk and boozed up. Oh, and firefighters, yep, they are dunk as fuck when they run into BURNING buildings to save people. Swinging their axes around and using highly pressurized water hoses...they do all of that drunk in order to save tons of lives. Our politicians, they're drunk all of the time when they make and vote on new policies for us...hold on...that one might have some truth to it...
  • Spearra reply TLDR (As these relentless shenanigans are getting to my head really badly and I vented really hard): Society ones again makes another problem (since all of their problems are fabricated at this point), and will probably blame it on the patriarchy which is ironically themselves. Smh. Long version (no really it is long, my bad): "They say the policy has no basis in evidence and ends up stigmatizing women and excluding them from society". Did they just imply that not drinking alcohol doesn't make you part of society? Goddammit, I feel bad for Gen Z with what their elders are like. Then again, just like how the feminazis are encouraging women to get STDs, this means they won't reproduce very far since they will be killing themselves and everyone involved. I would prefer if this many people didn't ironically cause the deaths of themselves but oh well. That's the issue, can't save these people from themselves. And the best/worst part is that they are completely ignorant that they're the...more problem. Fucking beautiful. Oh god, as a kid I honestly thought news articles were just fucking with me. But as I got older, the realization that my average intelligence and common sense became above average in comparison to these people. While it is nice to see how you square up to others, when the bar is that fucking low it is more depressing then it is empowering. If I were to tell my younger self what the Clown Fiesta Oppression Olympic Games is all about now a days, my younger self would of just laughed. Little did he realize that people really are that dumb. I'd like to believe they aren't but they are. I really hate having a ego but these people honestly serve you a metric ton of reasons to have one with how terrible they are. I don't like it. But with each additional article I can't suppress that ego. With video games, at least you can make up excuses, like maybe my opponent is lagging, maybe they're on tilt and aren't playing there best today, so in games my ego isn't very high. But outside of games, there's no excuse for this level of ignorance, and there's no excuses to make for these people. Especially when your damn child is on the line for your shenanigans. And yet, I bet a few weeks from now there's gonna be something worse then this and I will get even more tilted. I'm glad video games exist and that playing them is socially acceptable by my fellow men (since the feminazis are chronically butt hurt whenever men are happy, to which they deserve there owned title of feminazis) now a days as a escape from those psychopaths. Don't stick your dick in crazy. Which is damn near everyone, so just stick to masturbation please. It will save you from the massive shit that society has taken. I thought 2016 was bad, oh boi are we in for a treat of garbage for this year and beyond. Tbh I'm living out of spite of these people. The more I'm told by them that I'm a worthless misogynistic something something, the more will I have to live and out live them, which, the best part is, that won't be too difficult. At least currently as they're killing themselves off but with how they're acting like terrorists right now, it won't be long before they become an actual danger to people rather then just themselves. Mock my words, it will happen eventually. Its quite detestable how badly society has gotten. In before the deformed children they gain out of their shenanigans will be blamed on men. Like I said, a lot of problems in the world right now are self caused and they have no fucking idea that they are fucking up relentlessly. I physically cannot comprehend how they are this dumb that they don't understand that being a dick and a thought dictator to people doesn't make them want to ally with you. PS: As for all of yall, please don't stick your dick in crazy. Honestly just opt out now while you (hopefully still) can. Keep those games close as the real world is absolutely abysmal. As Filthy Frank always got spammed: "ITS TIME TO STOP".
  • [ – ] Kilooh reply Drinking alcohol while pregnant should not only be discouraged, it should be considered child abuse and have legal consequences.
    • Kilooh parent reply To add 1 thing, if the woman who was pregnant with my child was drinking alcohol and/or smoking, I would want her to get an abortion.
  • ToriHanabi reply This has nothing to do with feminism and everything to do with selfish brats who don't want to grow the fuck up and shouldn't be breeding in the first place. The projection in these damn replies are infinite. No wonder the human race is doomed. 😑
  • FreshSocksFox reply I was suspicious of this I'm wishing I hadn't read that article .3. Good video though :D
  • Idlemind reply Gosh, some people really like to defy logic and common sense. Seriously, why can't they stop drinking alcohol for nine months for their baby? Alcohol is already not good for oneself...
  • ComplaintsOfAnEnglishman reply Men can drink when pregnant why can't women?
  • Boodang reply Further, one must understand mankind in in the age where children are disposable because the system has collapsed.
  • Boodang reply ... Provided there are men around in the first place....
  • WonderfulDraws reply You're sexist if you are a man and don't want to have a baby in your belly.
  • [ – ] Sock_Puppet reply Those senior academics, Dr Ellie Lee in particular are nothing less than fucking evil.
  • Aaronshy reply "Foetal alcohol syndrome." Foetal!!!!! I know you read it right but they spelled foetal instead of fetal!!!!!!
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