Kingdom Hearts Birth by sleep Final Mix - Magic Mirror Boss Episode 8

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  • [ – ] Tordusk reply I also find it funny how snow white ran into the forest with enemies chasing her, and there was no way to go and save her or to at least make sure she is safe lol.
    • [ – ] MissMulti parent reply Yeah how weird is that? :S I don't get why they even showed that part if there was no follow up to it lol how strange, i was honestly expecting to follow her in the woods then it was like oh well nevermind back to the castle we go! haha almost comical xD
      • [ – ] Tordusk parent reply Also that mirror boss battle was great, I like how kingdom hearts is always creative with the boss battles.
        • MissMulti parent reply Yes i am loving all the different bosses my favourite so far in this one is the symphony master, he looked awesome! Maybe it was the slightly girly colours used XD
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