1 Year on YouTube: Demonetization & Directions

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  • blazedu reply Welcome to the new ship, SS vid.me.
  • MrJoelDee reply In my personal opinion, Google's automated system placing ads on content is the heart of the problem. If YouTube and Google really wanted to and cared anything at all about small content creators, they could solve the problem by placing specific ads on specific videos. i.e., if your content isn't "family friendly", then don't place a family friendly ad aimed at families, or young children, on it. I'm sure there are plenty of advertisers out there who would be more than happy to have their ads on certain types of videos that are geared toward a mature or more mature audience. But neither YouTube nor Google care anything at all about the new and small content creator, hence the latest ridiculous rules, again. i.e., the 10,000 lifetime views, etc., so this simple problem solving idea would never be considered for implementation.
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