Battle of the Commercials - Nostalgia Critic

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  • aualga reply It's "running out of fluid" You know, like web fluid?
  • TheFerbguy reply I remember the Berries and Cream and commercial... It was so silly.
  • Dreissea reply Am I the only one who tried to wipe the "smudge" off their screen? XD That hook behind Doug looked like a smudge until they shot it at a different angle....
  • duffy reply i love old commercials. brings me back!
  • LimePasta reply Yes I would like to buy that black couch please.
  • aualga reply Does anybody else find the Tuffy Flakes sketch a little awkward considering Tamara has uh..... Well, you know. :(
  • DkunzCartoons reply These were some scary commercials this time around.
  • ScottSand523431 reply It's "You're running out of fluid", as in the web fluid to make Spidey's webs
  • teacherandrew reply "stop joking batgirl" Yes, a bomb is about to go off stop screwing around
  • RewindMike reply I love your reaction to the kids getting shocked lol
  • Tephlonx5 reply The Equal Pay Act fo 1964 actually did happen, you know. And it's illegal for a company to pay a woman less for being a woman. You could literally take it to court, and have lawyers begging for your case, because you WILL win. And the company WILL go out of business. Earnings gap =/= Wage gap.
  • Shockmouths reply YOU'RE RUNNING OUT OF BLUEGHRHGUJSNfgvlKSNGlswngahnfglsjnbg
  • Gemwork reply Nice video:))))
  • JellyMyst reply People's wages are roughly equal for equal work.
  • Icehighwind reply Flu Weeds? Hell yeah! I want some of that. Also Tuffy Flakes? i would laugh if that was a real product. As for Burger king Kids Club kids name are Kid Vid(cyclops), I/Q,(geeky boy) Lingo(Hispanic kid), Jaws (token Black guy), Snaps(vouyer blonde girl) , Wheels (handicap boy), Jazz (androgynous asian boy), and Boomer (tomboy sports redhead). They also had a dog named J.D. Yeah quite a cast. Britian PSA! WTF! YOUR NEW CANADA!
  • teacherandrew reply You should watch the British "Don't run"
  • Johnny668 reply This is so funny 😂😂😂
  • HerringAndChips reply As a British person. You've not seen even half of the horror we have in PSA form.
  • LMarucha reply Actually the wage gap isn't real. It's illegal to pay women less than men since the 60's. Then there's the earnings gap that's based on what job you have rather than your gender. But that's not the part that matters. What matters is that there is polite discourse on vidme because on YouTube people flip out whenever someone mentions something controversial. It's like a hellhole over there. XD
  • Crazyspoon reply Is it bad that I don't remember any of these? Too young perhaps?
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